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Daddy's Little Girl
eric and kelsey
The moment you were born
Daddy held you in his arms
Knowing this precious life was one that
He created & would always love.

Your eyes caught his and he just knew
God gave to him a miracle in you.

He looked up with tears in his eyes
Saying a prayer to thank him
For this chance he had to love you...

He held this precious life
Placed you near his heart
And spoke these words
"Thank you Lord for creating this miracle
She will always be Daddy's Little Girl".

He held you so precious & pure
And with all his heart
He loved his little daughter so
This little newborn with so much to learn
How he prayed
The world would be good to you

Daddy whispered in your tiny ears
His love for you came unconditional
That you could come to him always 
And there he would be for you.

You're Daddy's little girl
Sent from up above
You're Daddy's little girl
And without a doubt his pride and joy.

Daddy kissed your damp little head
Never wanting to let you go
Then placed you in anothers arms
That he knew would keep you safe
This woman was your Mother,
Yet he knew you would always be
Daddy's Little Girl.