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    Francois Belanger married Francoise Horlay about 1611 in Calvados, Touques, Normandie, France.  Francoise was from the Diocese of Liseux in Normandie, Marcou, France.


One of their sons Francois Belanger, was christened in 1612 in St. Thomas de Touques, Normandie, France.  He was born on October 7, 1612 in St. Pierre de Sees, Touque, Normandie, France, and died between 1690 - 1691 in L'Islet sur Mer, L'Islet, Quebec, Canada.  Records show that he arrived in New France (Quebec) between 1630 and 1635 on the "Perche", during the rule of Louis XIII. Francois (age 25) married on July 12, 1637 to Marie Guyon (age 13, daughter of Jean Guyon and Mathurine Robin). Marie was born 18 March 1624 St. Jean, Mortagne, Perche, France and died 29 AUG 1696 Cap St. Ignace, Quebec.
Thus begins our Belanger heritage in North America.
François Bélanger 1612 - 1688

Francois Belanger and Marie Guyon had the following children:


i. Nicolas Bellanger, I b. 1638, m. Marie de Rainville on 11 Jan 1660, d. 1682
ii. Charles Bellanger baptized 19 Aug 1640, m. Barbe Delphine Cloutier, d. 15 Dec 1692
iii. Marie Madeline Bellanger baptized 15 Feb 1643, m. Bertrand Chesne Dit Lagarenne in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada on 7 Aug 1656.
iv. Daisy Bellanger baptized 23 Nov 1645 d. 22 Jan 1703, m. (#1)Antoin Berton dit Chantillon on 9 Nov 1663, m. (#2)Louis Levasseur on 13 Dec 1666.
v. Jean Francois Bellanger b. 15 Feb 1649, m. Marie Catherine Cloutier on 17 Nov 1671, d. 5 Feb 1682
vi. Charlotte-Francoise Bellanger b. 30 June 1650 m. (#1) Jean Langlois on 19 Oct 1665, m. (#2) Thomas Rousseau on 21 June 1691
vii. Mathurine Bellanger b. 11 June 1652 d. 18 Jan 1697/98, m. (#1) Jean Maheust on 17 Sept 1673, m. (#2) Antoine DeSerre on Oct 1674, m. (#3) Francois Gregoire 26 April 1688
viii. Louis Bellanger b. 18 Dec 1654, m. Marguerite LeFrancois on 3 Nov 1682, d. 1 Oct 1724 L'Islet.
ix. Louise Bellanger b. 1657, m. Jean Cloutier on 14 Nov 1679 in Quebec, d. 5 Jul 1726
x. Genevieve Bellanger b. 1659, m. Guilluame Ferte' on 23 Nov 1682
xi. Guillaume Bellanger b. 31 March 1661, baptized 4 April 1661, d. April 1661
xii. Jacques Bellanger b. 24 July 1662, baptized 30 July 1662, m. Elizabeth Tibault on 22 Nov 1691, d. 17 Aug 1699
xiii. Anne Bellanger b. 27 July 1664, d. 24 Aug 1665

Nicolas Bellanger I
was born in 1638 at St Thomas de Touque, dioc of Lisieux, Normandy, France. He was married on 11 Jan 1660 to Marie de Rainville (daughter of Paul de Rainville and Roline (Pauline) Poete). Nicolas and Marie settled in Beauport, Québec, Canada and raised their 12 children there. Marie was born in 1644 and died 7 Nov 1711. Nicolas died 19 October 1682 in Quebec, Canada, was buried the 20 Oct 1682 in the cemetery at Beauport at 50 years of age.
His oldest son, Bertrand Pierre, was 19 and his youngest daughter had just turned 1. One son had died very young (just days old), another had died before 1681 and one daughter, Marthe, was married. This left 9 children still living at home.

Nicolas Bellanger I and Roline Poete had the following children:

FOURTH GENERATION (all are Canadian born)

i. Jean Belanger: born 31 Dec 1660 died 22 Jan 1661
ii. Marthe Belanger: born 27 Nov 1661 died 18 March 1741. Married (#1)Etienne Souhe', 7 April 1682, (#2)Simon Souprin 26 Aug 1700.
iii. (Pierre) Bertrand Belanger: born 16 Sept 1663 died 19 April 1736. Married (#1)Marie Gignard 23 Feb 1694, (#2)Marie Chevaudier 13 Aug 1703.
iv.Suzanne Belanger: born 1 Mar 1665 died 20 Feb 1707. Married Jean Giroux 27 Feb 1686.
v. Martin Belanger: born 28 Nov 1666 died between 1667/1668
vi. Marie Belanger: born 19 Oct 1668 and baptized at Notre Dame de Quebec 21, October 1668 by Father Charles deLauzon. She died 7 Jan 1719. Married (#1)Ignace Cloret 26 Nov 1685, (#2)Jacques Parent 9 Nov 1705.
vii. Pierre Belanger: born 16 March 1670 died 2 March 1703. Married Marguerite deTauney 8 Feb 1700.
viii. Nicolas Belanger II born 17 Jan 1672 died 12 April 1742. Married Marie Magnon 2 Nov 1699
ix. Paul Belanger: born 25 March 1674 died 1 May 1717. Married Jeanne Maheu (Garnier) 7 April 1704
x. Marie Josephe Belanger: born 1678. Married Joseph Parent 27 Feb 1696
xi. Marie Francoise Belanger: born 13 Oct 1680 died 20 June 1746. Married Jean Parent 4 Feb 1696
xii. Marie Therese Belanger: born 1675 died 12 June 1710. Married Jean Parent 28 June 1709

In Beauport, Québec, Canada the little white house, that was built by or for Nicolas Bellanger is now a historical site and open to visitors.

Nicolas Belanger II was born 17 Jan 1672 Québec, Beauport Prov, Canada. He married Marie Mignier (daughter of Jacques Mignier (Magnon) and Ambroise Doigt (Douet)) on 2 Nov 1699 in Charlesburg, Québec, Canada. Marie was born 4 March 1681 and died 11 March 1758.
Nicolas died 12 April 1742 in Beauport, Québec, Canada.

Nicolas Bellanger II and Marie Magnon had the following children:

FIFTH GENERATION (all are Canadian born)

i. Marie Anne Belanger b. 2 Aug 1700 m. (#1)Jean Falordeaux, 23 Nov 1722 (#2)Pierre Parant, 1733. Marie died 24 Jan 1762
ii. Jean Belanger b. 16 Feb 1702 d. 29 Oct 1757.
iii. Nicolas Belanger III b. 4 May 1704 m. (#1)Agnes Cartier 12 June 1732 (#2)Marie Parant 13 Sept 1745
iv. Anne Belanger b. 14 June 1706 m. Pierre Parent 15 April 1733
v. Louise Ambroise Belanger b. 30 Jan 1708 m. Florent Paradis 8 Feb 1751
vi. Genevieve Belanger b. 17 May 1709 m. Charles Menard 5 Nov 1736
vii. Pierre Belanger b. 3 Dec 1710 d. 29 Aug 1711
viii. Angelique Belanger m. Joseph Baudet 1748
ix. Helene Belanger b. 28 April 1712 m. Vincent Girou 19 Oct 1742
x. Germain Belanger b. 13 May 1714 m. Suzanne Proteau 9 Nov 1744
xi. Jean Marie Belanger b. 7 Dec 1716 m. (#1)Marie Genevieve Toupin 9 Feb 1750 (#2)Marie Louise Trouelle 5 Aug 1763
xii. Jacques Belanger b. 3 Aug 1721 m. Marie-Jean Proteau 1 Sept 1749
xiii. Ignace Belanger b. 9 Feb 1723 m. Genevieve Gagne' 14 Nov 1746

Nicolas Belanger III was born 4 May 1704 in Charlesbourg, Québec, Canada . He married (#1)Agnes Cartier (daughter of Paul Cartier and Agnes Cloutier and descendant of the famous French navigator, Cartier) on 12 June 1734 at St. Joachim, Québec, Canada. Agnes was born in 1714 in Quebec and died 11 Jan 1743 in Québec. Nicolas married (#2)Marie Angelique Parant on 13 Sept 1745. Nicolas died 16 Sept 1769 in Québec, Canada.

Nicolas Belanger III and Agnes Cartier had the following children:

SIXTH GENERATION (all are Canadian born)

i. Charles Belanger b. 13 April 1735 d. 5 May 1735
ii. Rene Belanger b. 7 Nov 1737 d. 3 Nov 1738
iii. Nicholas Belanger IV b. 30 Jan 1739
iv. Pierre Belanger b. 27 June 1740 d. 19 July 1740
v. Joseph Marie Belanger b.5 April 1742 d. 11 June 1763

Nicolas Belanger III and Marie Parant had the following children:

vi. Antoine Belanger b. 9 June 1746 d. 8 July 1746
vii. Pierre Belanger b. 14 Aug 1747
viii. Marie-Angelique Belanger b. 14 May 1752 d. 9 June 1752
ix. Antoine Belanger m. Marie Anne Poulin 1773
x. Marie-Agnes Belanger b. 28 Oct 1754

Nicholas Belanger IV (first Belanger to come to Louisiana)was born 30 Jan 1739 in St Joachim, Québec, Canada and died in West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana. He married Marguerite Lejeune (daughter of Michel Lejeune dit Gaspard and Marie Madeleine Hennett[Switzerland]) on 20 Jan 1768 in New Roads, Pointe Coupee, Louisiana. Marguerite was born 5 Nov 1741 in Chartres, St Anne, Illinois and died 1805 in Thibodaux, Lafourche, Louisiana.

Nicolas Belanger IV and Marguerite Lejeune had the following children:

SEVENTH GENERATION (all are Louisiana born)

i. Marguerite Belanger b. 06 FEB 1771, Pointe Coupee, Louisiana d. 22 Sept 1829, Houma, Terrebonne, Louisiana Baptism; 19 May 1771, m. (#1) Jean Baptiste Roballe (#2)Julian Crochet on 8 May 1798
ii. Julie Belanger b. 24 FEB 1773, Pointe Coupee, Louisiana Burial; 05 Aug 1813, Baptism; 16 March 1773, m. Louis Aller (Alé) on 16 June 1800
iii. Brigitte Belanger b. 4 JUL 1775, Pouinte Coupee, Louisiana d. 29 Dec 1849 Baptism; 12 March 1776, m. Henri Schuyler Thibodeaux (Founder of the city of Thibodeaux, Louisiana) on 22 May 1800.
iv. Michel Belanger b. 30 Jan 1778, Pointe Coupee, Louisiana, Baptism; 9 June 1778 (Unmarried)
v. Nicholas Belanger V b. 29 Nov 1778, Point Coupee, Louisiana, d. 24 May 1802
vi. Marie Magdolene Belanger b. 7 July 1780, Pt Coupee, Louisiana, Baptism; 8 Oct 1780, m. Federico Louis Henry Senz.
vii. Francois Jean Belanger b. 10 Dec 1782, Pointee Coupee, Louisiana, Baptism; 18 Dec 1783 m. Louise Comeau on 21 July 1811 in Plattenville, Louisiana
vii. Hubert Belanger b.15 March 1785, Pointe Coupee, Louisiana. d. 28 March 1855, Montegut, Terrebonne, Louisiana, m. Sophie Marie Comeau on 10 Nov 1805 in Plattenville, Louisiana
viii. Marie Augustine Belanger b. 28 Aug 1789, Pointe Coupee, Louisiana
d. 15 Feb 1857, Baptism; 8 Feb 1790, m Joseph J Darce on 4 April 1805.
ix. Marie Cesaire (Suzanne) Belanger b. 12 Oct 1792, Pointe Coupee, Louisiana, Baptism; 16 Nov 1794 m. Pascale Lambert on 22 JUL 1815
x. Marie Agnes Celeste Belanger b. 28 May 1795, Pointe Coupee, Louisiana, d. 29 Sept 1864, Baptism; 23 Oct 1796, m. Lemuel Tanner on 22 Oct 1814
xi. Euphrosine Belanger b. 11 Feb 1798, Pointe Coupee, Louisiana, d. 21 Nov 1868, Baptism; 21 Nov 1868, m. Alexandre Bergeron on 09 July 1817.
xii. Genevieve Belanger m. Jean Goterot

First Belangers in Louisiana, immigrating in the late 1700's. Probably after the end of the French and Indian War of 1763. Nicolas settled in Point Coupee Parish, Louisiana. Date of death unknown. His wife is listed as widow in 1788.

Hubert Madison Belanger was born 15 March 1785 in Pointe Coupee, Louisiana and died 28 March 1855 (near Houma) in Montegut, Terrebonne, Louisiana. He married Sophie Marie Commeaux (daughter of Maturin Commeaux and Sophie Hebert) on 10 Nov 1805 in Assumption Catholic Church, Plattenville, Louisiana. Hubert took part in the War of 1812; drafted into DeClouet Reg. 15th Div.

Hubert Belanger and Sophie Comeau had the following children:


i. Joachim Belanger b. 14 Dec 1806
ii. Michel Hubert Belanger b. 8 Aug. 1808, Plattenville, Assumption, Louisiana, m. Virginie Lecompte on 16 June 1835
iii. Hubert Madison Belanger b about 1810 m. (#1)Marie Saygn (#2)Marie Celine Mars 30 Dec 1834 or 8 Aug 1831
iv. Celeste Belanger b. 24 July 1813, Plattenville, Assumption, Louisiana, d. 24 Sept 1843, baptism; 9 July 1817, m. Richard H Grinage on 28 June 1832, Chacahoula, Terrebonne, Louisiana
v. Ludger Belanger b. 25 March 1815, Plattenville, Assumption, Louisiana, d. 24 Sept 1843, baptism; 9 July 1817
vi. Nicholas Belanger b. 1 Nov 1816, Plattenville, Assumption, Louisiana, d. 24 April 1875, Montegut, Terrebonne, Louisiana, baptism; 9 July 1817, m. Eve Mars
vii. Esteve Belanger b. 11 May 1818, Plattenville, Assumption,Louisiana, Baptism; 13 Feb. 1820
viii. Elmire Irma Anzel Belanger b. 1819, Plattenville, Assumption, Louisiana, d. 17 April 1861, m. Edmond Guidry on 11 April 1835
ix. Valerie Belanger m. Eulalie Arcemont on 19 Sept 1831 in Thibodaux, Louisiana
x. Eugene Belanger b. 1822, Plattenville, Assumption, Louisiana, d. 23 April 1881, Montegut, Terrebonne, Louisiana, m. (Elaine) Marie Delphine Guidry on 08 April 1844, Houma, Terrebonne, Louisiana
xi. Sergius Belanger b. 6 April 1823
xii. (Jean) Leufrois Belanger b. 25 Oct 1825 m. Melsine Guidry
xiii. Celestin Belanger b. 25 March 1827 m. Seraphine Guidry on 16 Oct 1848
xiv. Henri Belanger b. 8 Sept 1829 m. Celine Henry on 5 June 1882, Montegut, Terrebonne, Louisiana
xv. Elise (Alcide) Belanger Christening on 6 Dec 1831, Thibodaux, Lafourche, Louisiana, d. 7 May 1854

Terrebonne Parish Is Formed
In 1830 Hubert M. Belanger started a subdivision further down Bayou Terrebonne (about 9 miles south of Houma), that he originally named Newport, it had four streets ... Main, Front, Market, and Cypress. The area became known as Canal Belanger. Shortly after the turn of the century, the name was changed to Bourg.
Houma is founded 1834
Today's parish seat, Houma, was founded in 1834 on land known as the Hache Grant. When Louisiana became a state, Joseph Hache applied for a claim of land that he owned prior to that time. It was not until 1823 that he received word that his claim was granted. The grant was for land on both sides of Bayou Terrebonne, centered at present-day Houma. Hache sold the property on March 2, 1828 to Bridgette Belanger (H.S. Thibodeaux's widow). Five years later, she traded a part of it to Francois Belanger. The tract was 10 arpents deep (on both sides of Bayou Terrebonne) and stretched for 8 arpents along the bayou. Francois sold part of that tract (4 arpents front by 10 arpents deep, on the Right Bank of the bayou) to Hubert M. Belanger and his son-in-law Richard H. Grinage the following year (March 18, 1834).
At that time, settlers of the parish wanted to move the parish seat further down the bayou, closer to the road that went from Bayou Terrebonne to Bayou Black. The Belanger/Grinage tract was only 3 arpents below this road. They donated part of their land, 1 arpent front by 10 arpents deep (about 10 acres), to the parish. The rest of their property was divided into lots and sold.
Today, the parish buildings are now located on the land donated by Hubert M. Belanger and his son-in-law, Richard H. Grinage. This land became the foundation around which Houma was developed. Because of this significant donation, Belanger and Grinage are considered the "Fathers of Houma." Today there is a bronze plaque inside the new Houma courthouse entrance dedicated to them. There is a church and cemetery also located on part of this donated land. Belanger Street is in this area also.

Michel Hubert Belanger was born 8 Aug. 1808 in Plattenville, Assumption Parish, Louisiana; baptism 22 Aug 1808. He married Virginie Lecompte (daughter of Jacques LeCompte II and Marie Madeleine Babin), on 16 June 1835 in Thibodaux, Lafourche, Louisiana. Michel died 1872 in Montegut, Louisiana.

Michel H. Belanger and Virginie LeCompte had the following children:


i. Orelien Belanger b. 1837
ii. Eugene Octave Belanger b. 6 July 1838, d. 2 Oct 1900, m. Emily Robicheaux
iii. Emilie Belanger b. 1839
iv. Joseph Belanger b. 1843 unmarried
v. Gratcien Belanger b. 1846
vi. Celestine Belangerb. 1840
vii. Mathilde Belanger b. 1852
vii. Jean-Baptiste Belanger b. 1855 unmarried
viii. Evelina Belanger b. 1856
ix. Ludger Belanger b. May 1860 m. Evelon Henri

Eugene Octave Belanger was born 6 July 1838 in Houma, Terrebonne, Louisiana. He died 2 Oct 1900 at Gross Isle, Vermilion, Louisiana and is buried there in Primeaux Cemetery. He married Emilie Robicheaux (daughter of Adrian Robicheaux and Marie Sylvanie Robicheaux) on 7 March 1859 at St Francis de Sales Church in Houma, Terrebonne, Louisiana

Eugene Belanger and Emily Robicheaux had the following children:


i. Joseph Dalferes Belanger b. 2 May 1861 d. 6 April 1938 m. Emela Primeaux
ii. Octovie Felicia Belanger b. 2 Nov 1864 d. 1946 and buried in Abbeville, Louisiana. m. Anatole Provost in 1883. They lived in Erath.
iii. Ernest Adam Belanger b. 22 Oct 1866 d. 7 July 1949 and buried in Abbeville, Louisiana. m. 2 sisters (#1) Amanda Hebert (#2)Anna Hebert. Ernest and Anna are listed in the 1900 census of Vermilion Parish, Louisiana (#38) as newly married (2nd marriage). They have the following children; Angelie daughter born Jan1890, Marie daughter born May1891, Eve daughter born Aug1893, Emelie daughter born Apr1897, Octave son born Oct1898.
iv. Emma Belanger b. June 1871 d. July 1952 and buried in Abbeville, Louisiana. m. Pierre Breaux in 1930. They had no children
v. Clay Belanger b. 1872 d. 1890 He was born crippled and unable to walk.
vi. George Celestin Belanger b. Oct 1874 d. 1942 m. Maggie Mouton who was born Jan 1878. They are listed in the 1900 census of Vermilion Parish, Louisiana.
vii. Alceste Ambrose Belanger b. 28 Nov 1879 d. 22 Feb 1963 m. Elizabeth Bell (Hayes). They raised their family in Houston, Texas.
viii. Valerie (Orilia) Belanger b. 16 Aug 1883 d. Jan 1974 m. Octove Trahan. They raised their family in New Orleans.
ix. Marie (Oceana) Belanger b. 20 Jan 1885 d. 5 Sept 1925 m. Fernest LeBlanc. They raised their family in New Orleans.

The census of 1860 lists Eugene as a farm laborer
The census of 1880 shows them living in Ward 1 of Iberia Parish. Eugene was listed as a carpenter.
The census of 1900 shows them living in Vermilion Parish. Eugene was listed as a farmer/laborer. They are #35 on the census and are listed as follows;
# 35. Eugene O. BELANGER born July 1838, married 41 years
Emelie ROBICHAU, wife, had 12 children, 8 living, born Feb 1845
Emma ,daughter, June 1871
Alcee BELANGER ,son, Nov 1878

Their home place in Vermilion consisted of 400 acres or more, which he left to his widow, Emilie, who survived him by 30 years. She built a new home which was quite nice for the times, consisting of Gardens, Orchards, and an avenue of cedars leading to the house.
According to grandchildren, Eugene was easy going, good natured, and loved children. Emily seems to have been more dominant and stern. She believed in constant hard work and no play, and she showed little affection to anyone, including her children. Only their last four children received education.

Joseph Dalferes Belanger was born 2 May 1861 in Houma, Terrebonne, Louisiana. He was baptized on 6 June 1861 in St Francis de Sales Catholic Church which is located on part of the Belanger/Grinage land donation. Joseph died 6 April 1938 in Bell City, Calcasieu, Louisiana. He married Emela Primeaux (daughter of Euelyde Primeaux and Remise Vincent) on 3 Feb 1885.

Joseph Dalferes Belanger and Emela Primeaux had the following children:


i. Victoire Belanger b. 30 Jan 1886
ii. Eve Belanger b. Feb 1887 m. E. Broussard
iii. Emily Belanger b. June 1888
iv.Victorine Belanger b. 21 Oct 1889 d. March 1979 m. Victor Guillotte
v. Joseph (Dale) Belanger, Jr. b. 4 Jan 1892 d. 1 Feb 1969 in Erath, Vermilion, Louisiana m. Zulama Broussard
vi.Duval Belanger b. 19 Feb 1896 d. Dec 1977 in Bell City, Calcasieu, Louisiana. m. Annie Douren. They had one child, Ouida.
vii. Ella Belanger b. 11 Dec 1902 m. Alphe Richard on 1 Jan 1917. Their children are Ivy, Lilly (Cessac), and Joseph.

Joseph Dalferes had no schooling.
Joseph and Emela are listed as #37 in the 1900 Census of Vermilion Parish, Louisiana. This is how they are listed;
# 37. Joseph BELANGER born May1862, married 15 years
Emela PRIMEAUX wife , had 6 children, 6 living, born June1866
Victoire daughter born Jan1886
Eve daughter born Feb1887
Emelie daughter born June1888
Victorine daughter born Dec1889
(Jean-Dalferes) son born 4 Jan1892
Joseph Duval son born 19 Feb1895

Joseph Dalferes moved to Bell City, Calcasieu, Louisiana in his later years

Victorine Belanger was born 21 Oct 1889 in Abbeville, Vermilion Parish, Louisiana and died March 1979. She is buried in Lacassine, Jefferson Davis Paish, Louisiana. She married Victor Guillotte on 2 Jan 1911 in Vermilion Parish, Louisiana. Victor was born 25 January 1889 and died 8 April 1975. He is buried in Lacassine Cemetery also.
Photo age 83 1950 Family Photo
Victorine Belanger and Victor Guillotte had the following children:


i. Anges Guillotte b. 1 March 1913 in Abbeville, d 30 May 1993 and is buried in Lacassine. m. Allen Ardoin and lived in Iowa, Louisiana. Allen b. 11 Bef 1903 d. 16 Oct 1995. They had 2 children, both died only a few days old.
ii. Roy Guillotte b. 25 Aug 1916 d. 8 March 1986 in Bell City, Calcasieu, Louisiana. m. Rose Primeaux. Their children are (1)Allen Guillotte (2) Clyde Dale Guillotte (3) Linda Guillotte Hebert.
iii. Eula Guillotte b. (Private) m. Femon Lognion. Their children are (1) Dewey Lynn Lognion (2) Benny Dale Lognion (3) Brenda Lognion Courville.
iv. Nelson Jules Guillotte b. (Private) m. Mary Daisy Istre. Their children are; (1)Herbert(deceased)(2) Hubert Charles Guillotte (3) Florinda Faye Guillotte (4)Vickie Lynn Guillotte (5) Cheryl Ann Guillotte (6) Carol Teresa Guillotte (7) Suzanne Lanell Guillotte. They raised their children in Brookshire, Texas
v. Mary Ella Guillotte b. (Private) m. Clyde Wilbert LaCombe

"I remember Victorine as "MaMa". She was a petite woman, just under 5' tall. She was a very sweet and gentlewoman. She was of good health and died at the age of 90. Her husband, "PaPa", was a large man and over 6' tall. "MaMa" only spoke Cajun French and a lot of us grandchildren only spoke English. It is amazing that we always understood each other's language but never learned to speak it. The things I miss the most, besides her, are the butchers they used to do at her house. You just cannot find delicious tasting sausage anymore as they used to make in their smokehouse and she used to make a pecan cake that was out of this world. I remember sleeping on feather mattresses, drinking out of tin glasses, eating pears and figs off her trees, and watching her use a wringer washing machine. After "PaPa" died, "MaMa" spent her last years living with her children, mostly her daughter, Ella Guillotte LaCombe. After her death, one of her granddaughters, (Deloras LaCombe Campbell) acquired the old homestead in Bell City, Calcasieu Parish, Lousiana." Kathy LaCombe Tell

Mary Ella Guillotte was born PRIVATE in Jennings, Louisiana. She married Clyde Wilbert LaCombe on 14 June 1952 in Bell City, Louisiana. Clyde was born PRIVATE in Lake Arthur, Louisiana. Clyde served in the US Army in the Military Police and was stationed at Fort Dix, New Jersey. Ella was a cafeteria worker, for a number of years, at Bell City High School, Bell City, Louisiana. Clyde is a retired Auto Mechanic. They raised their children in Hayes, Calcasieu, Louisiana.
Wedding Photo 1997 Photo
Ella Guillotte and Clyde LaCombe have the following children:


i. Jennifer Jane LaCombe was born PRIVATE in Jennings, Jefferson Davis, Louisiana. She married Joseph Neil Granger on 11 Dec 1971 in Bell City, Calcasieu, Louisiana. Jane and Neil have two children; (1)Christopher Granger, he married Toni Lynn Sullivan. They have two children, Jacob Dakota and Tanor Cade. (2)Amanda Kristin Granger.
ii. Kathy Jean LaCombe was born PRIVATE. She married James Savan Broussard on 21 Sept 1972 in Bell City, Calcasieu, Louisiana. Kathy and James have two children; (1)James Savan Broussard, JR (2)Eric Wayne Broussard. Eric married Chandra Denise Stelly.
Kathy divorced and married Ronald Arthur Tell, 26 Feb 2000 in Harahan, Jefferson, Louisiana. Ron has a daughter; Rachel Evelyn Tell.
iii. Deloras Faye LaCombe was born PRIVATE in Jennings, Jefferson Davis, Louisiana. She married Jerry Dean Campbell on 1976 in Bell City, Calcasieu, Louisiana with their wedding reception held at Victor and Victorine Guillotte's old homestead, now their place of residence. Deloras and Jerry have two children; (1)David Kyle Campbell and (2)Laura Kristen Campbell. Laura has one daughter, Kylee LeBlanc (daughter of John LeBlanc).
Deloras and Jerry owned the "Grocery Box", the only grocery store located in Bell City at the corner of North Railroad and Hwy 14, from Sept 1989 to Sept 1997.
iv. Connie Dee LaCombe was born PRIVATE in Jennings, Jefferson Davis, Louisiana. She married Andrew John Thevis on 2 Feb 1980 in Bell City, Calcasieu, Louisiana. Connie and Andrew have three sons. (1)Tyson Joseph Thevis, (2)Scott Steven Thevis, and (3)Kade William Thevis.
v. Melinda Gayle LaCombe was born PRIVATE in Jennings, Jefferson Davis, Louisiana. She married Randy Guillory on 20 March 1988. Milly and Randy have two daughters; (1)Samantha Alexandra Guillory and (2)Kalli Leigh Guillory

Kathy Jean LaCombe was born PRIVATE in Fort Dix, Burlington, New Jersey. She married James Savan Broussard (son of Hubert Broussard and Mary Lillian Roy) on 23 Sept 1972 in Bell City, Calcasieu, Louisiana. James Savan Broussard was born PRIVATE in Louisiana.
Kathy divorced and married Ronald Arthur Tell (son of Gerald Edward Tell, SR and Thelma Trochesset) on 26 Feb 2000 in Harahan, Jefferson, Louisiana.
Ronald Arthur Tell was born PRIVATE in New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana

Kathy Lacombe and James Broussard have the following children:


i. James Savan Broussard, Jr Jaime was born PRIVATE, Lake Charles, Calcasieu, Louisiana.
ii. Eric Wayne Broussard Eric was born PRIVATE, Lake Charles, Calcasieu, Louisiana. Eric married Chandra Denise Stelly (daughter of Michael and Louise Stelly) 20 Nov 1999 in Grand Lake, Cameron, Louisiana. Chandra was born PRIVATE. They are expecting their first child Dec 2001

Kathy Lacombe and Ronald Arthur Tell have the following child:

iii. Rachel Evelyn Tell(stepdaughter) was born PRIVATE, in Metairie, Jefferson, Louisiana.

Any photos of these generations would be greatly appreciated.

Special thanks to Lilly Cessac, who has
helped me so much with my Bellanger family tree!

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