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From France came two brothers. Rene Guillot, born 1695 and Henri Guillot, born 1693.


RENE GUILLOT was born 1695 in Doix, Diocese Angers, France, and died Est. 1738-1768. He married MARGUERITE DOIRON in 1719 in Cobequid, Acadia, Canada (according to Stephen White). She was born 1692 in Cobequid, Acadia, Canada, and died February 13, 1759 in St. Malo, Ile de Vilaine.

Rene Guillot and Marguerite Doiron had the following children:


1. (M) Jean Baptiste Guillot b. 29 Dec 1720, Cobequid, Acadia, Canada; d. 1755, At Sea??. m. 1745 to Marie Madeleine Arcement m. 1754 to Marguerite (Borough)Bourg
2. (F) Marie Josephe Guillot b. 1723, Cobequid, Acadia, Canada; m. Alexis Brault; b. September 22, 1721, Grand Pre, Canada.
3. (M) Rene Guillot b. 1726, Cobequid, Acadia, Canada; m. (#1) 15 Feb 1751 to Marie Rose Daigle, Acadia, Canada m. (#2) 5 Aug 1760 to Saint Suliac, Ille Et Vilaine (France), m. (#3) 1774 to Françoise Conveque d. 27 June 1781 à La Puye - Vienne (France), Cenan
4. (M)Ambroise Guillot b. 1728, Cobequid, Acadia, Canada; d. 23 April 1793, Archigny - Vienne (France). m. 15 Feb 1751 at Port La Joie (Acadie) to Theotiste Daigle d. 23 April 1793 at Archigny - Vienne (France)

One finds Rene Guillot registered on January 15, 1714 on the Role of the ship " the Queen Anne " leaving for the " French isles America ". Rene Guillot is a sailor on board this ship and is originating in St Gilles (St Gilles sur Vie?). One does not assume that Rene Guillot remained in Acadie. It is not even know if Acadie was the destination of the boat.

The origin of René Guillot is defined in the La Roque census of 1752. This census indicates that René Guillot is from Doix diocese of Angers, this village is located about 40 Km to the Northeast of La Rochelle. It should be noted that the research in Doix has not uncovered any information regarding this family.
The nickname often given to René Guillot, the Angevin, confirms his origin as the region of Angers.
Transcript of the census:
Henri (in fact René) Guillot, local laborer, native of Doix, bishopric Of Angers, aged of 59 years.
He has his daughter, Marie Josèphe Guillot, age 29 years.
Jean Baptist Guillot, native of Acadia, age 31 years. (his first wife Marie Madeleine Arsement had to be dead)
He has a boy and 2 girls:
Charles Olivier, age 6 years
Elisabeth, age 4 years
Marie Joseph, age 2 years.
And in cattle, 2 cows and a calf.
The land on which it is established is situated, as noted before (is South east of Pointe Prime Cove), was given them verbally by Mr. de Bonnaventure. They improved the land in order sow 4 bushels of wheat next spring.

The families of the 4 children of Rene Guillot were all born in France and knew very different destinies. In 3 families out of 4, the children shared themselves between France and Louisiana.

JEAN BAPTISTE GUILLOT was born on 29 Dec 1720 in Cobequid, Acadia, Canada and d. 1755 in At Sea??. He married (1) Marie Madeleine Arcement January 1744/45 in Acadia. m. (2) Marguerite Bourg 1754. She was born about 1733.

Jean Baptiste Guillot and Marie Arcement had the following children:


1. (M) Charles Olivier Guillot b. 1746, Cobequid, Acadia, Canada.
2. (F) Elizabeth Guillot, b. 1748, Acadia, Canada.
3. (F) Marie Josephe Guillot, b. 1750, Acadia, Canada; d. 1755.

Jean Baptiste Guillot and Marguerite Bourg had the following children:

4. (F)Isabelle Guillot, d. 1755, At Sea??.
5. (M)Jean Baptiste Guillot, JR., d. 1755, At Sea??.
6. ( )Euphrosene Guillot, d. 1755, At Sea??.
7. (M)Thomas Guillot, d. 1755, At Sea??.

Charles is listed in "The Acadians in France vol. III", page 26 under the general role of 1762 Isle Royal & Isle Saint Jean census as 15-year-old son of Jean living in Trigavou, France.
Charles is listed in "The Acadians in France vol. III"; page 33, as 12 years son of Jean Baptiste Guillot who died at sea and Marguerite Bourg, Jean's wife resided at Pleudihen, France and at Trigavou, France from 1759 to 1772.

CHARLES OLIVIER GUILLOT was born in 1746 in Cobequid, Acadia, Canada. m. Madeline Josephe Boudreaux 25 Nov 1766 in Trivavou, Cotes D'Armor, France, daughter of Olivier Boudrot and Hugette Guerin. Madeline was born in 1744 in Pisiguit, Acadia.

Charles is listed in "The role of the truly Acadian Families 15 SEP 1772" page 63 as: 25-year-old laborer of Saint Malo, France, with his wife Made. Josephe Boudrot, 38 who spins cotton. Their children: (1) Isidore Francois 5, (2) Jean Michel 2 1/2, (3) Simon Francois 6 months.
In "The state of the Acadian families, comprising the third convoy leaving Chatellerault for Nanets 7 Dec 1775", page 112. Charles is listed as age 29, seaman, and carpenter, his wife, Madelaine Josephe Boudrot 33. There children: (1) Isidore Josephe 9, (2) Jean Michel 7, (3) Simon Francois 5, (4) Isabelle Madne.

In "The Acadians in France 1762-1776" by Rieder, it was through the humanity of Spain that these French nationals sailed for Louisiana 1785. It was the Spanish consul of Saint Malo, Don Manuel D'aspres, who actually drew up the contracts, organized the expeditions and who dispatched the Acadians to Louisiana.
The Le Saint Remi, a 400-ton ship led by Sieur (Captain) Alexandre Baudin, left France on Thursday, June 27, 1785. After 75 days at sea, they arrived on September 10, 1785. There were 325 people on board, along with 16 stowaways for a total of 341 families. On the way, there were 15 deaths from scurvy and smallpox.
From "The crew and passenger list of the seven Acadian expeditions of 1785", page 40/41. The list included; Charles 38 carpenter, wife, Magdelaine 40, Jean Michel 14, Simon Francois 12, Isabelle 10.

In the "Colonial settlers along the Bayou Lafourche 1770-1798" page 45", Charles is listed as age 41, Magdelinne 44, Jean 17, Simon 15, Isabelle 13. Charles settled at Lafourche crossing Thibodauxville.
In the "1788 General Census of Inhabitants Established in Lafourche" (Ascension parish) Charles has 6 arpents (about 192 feet per arpent) of land on the left bank of the Bayou Lafourche. He had 100 quarts of corn, one hundred horned cattle, and four swine.
When Louisiana became a state in 1812, Charles had to file a claim for his land. This is listed In the "American State Papers", vol. 11, 1809-1815, page 410. Charles claims a tract of land 20 Dec 1803, situated on the left bank of Bayou Lafourche, in the county of Lafourche. It contains two hundred and thirty-four and sixty-six-hundredths superficial acres and bounded on the upper side by land of Olivier Peters, and on the lower side by land of Mathurin Donne. His son, Jean Michel relocated farther south along Bayou Terrebone as far as Montegut. Before the Civil War in the late 1860, at least 8 great grandsons migrated to Lower Tech Country, where a new branch of Guillotte family was established. Some near Jeanerrette and Carencro, north of Lafayette some at Lairauville & Lydia.
Charles and Madeleine's marriage decree was issued in the jurisdiction of le-Bois-de-la-Motte. The father of the bride was present and consenting, and Rene Guillot, Ambrose Guillot, Alexis Bro, and Pierre Boudrot

Charles Guillot and Madeline Boudreaux had the following children:


1. Isidore Francois Guillot, n. 8 Sept 1767, Trigavou, Cotes D'Amor, France.
2. Jean Michel Guillot, n. 29 Nov 1769, Trigavou, Cotes D'Amor, France; d. 23 April 1827, Thibodaux, LA.
3. Charles Olivier Guillot, JR., b. 1771; d. 17 March 1828.
4. Simon Francois Guillot, n. March 1772, Trigavou, Cotes D'Amor, France; d. 29 Oct 1849, Thibodaux, LA.
5. Isabel Guillot, n. 26 Feb 1774, Trigavou, Cotes D'Amor, France;
m. Ambroise Mathurin Hebert

JEAN MICHEL GUILLOT was born on 29 SEP 1769 in Trigavou-Cotes D'Armor, France. He died on 22 SEP 1827 in Thibodaux, Lafourche Parish, Louisiana (Thib-Ch-V1-P-136). He was buried on 23 SEP 1827 in Saint Joseph Cemetery, Thibodaux, Louisiana. Jean was baptized 29 Sep 1769 in Trigavou, France his sponsors were Charles Braud & Victoire Hebert. He married Marie Rose Pitre (daughter of Pierre Olivier and Rosalie Hebert) on 26 NOV 1789 in Donaldsonville, Ascension Parish, La. Marie Rose was born 4 AUG 1766 in St Suliac, Ille et Vilaine, France. She died 24 JUN 1824 in Lafourche Parish, Louisiana. She was buried on 25 JUN 1824 in Saint Joseph Cemetery, Thibodaux, Louisiana.

Jean Michel Guillot and Marie Rose Pitre had the following children:


i. Olivier Guillot born 29 AUG 1790 in Donaldsonville, Ascension Parish, Louisiana, christened 24 MAY 1791 in Donaldsonville, Ascension, La (ASC-5-54). His sponsors were Olivier Hebert and Isabel Magdalena Guillot. He died 29 MAY 1867 in Thibodaux, La. He was buried 30 MAY 1867 in Saint Joseph Cemetery, Thibodaux, LA. He married Anne Marguerite (Juncal) Oncale (daughter of Louis Oncale and Marie Rose Dugas) on 13 NOV 1809 in Plattenville, La. Assumption Parish. Anne Marguerite was born on 15 OCT 1790 in Donaldsonville, Ascension Parish, La. Her father was born in Pontevedra, Spain her mother was born in St Sulaic, France. She died on 6 MAY 1868 in Thibodaux, La. She was buried on 7 MAY 1868 in Saint Joseph Cemetery, Thibodaux, LA.
In the Thiboduax Court House Record Succ: #796" Olivier estate was worth about $6000.
ii. Jean Charles Guillot born 1792 in West Baton Rough Parish, Louisiana. He died 20 JAN 1827 in Thibodaux, La.
Jean Charles inventory: dated in 1827 is located in Thibdoaux, La. court house, succ: 1827. Listed were children: (1) Rosale Hortense 13, (2) Francois Gaetan 11, (3) Victor Stanisas 9, (4) Marie Domitille (South La. records Vol 1, Pg 225.)
iii. Isidore Francois Guillot born 11 March 1794 in Plattenville, Louisiana ( ASM-1-28). He was christened 1 June 1794 in Plattenville, La. Assumption Parish under the Spanish name of Isidoro Guiot. His Sponsors were his uncle, Simon Francisco (Guiot) Guillot and his aunt, Magdalena Pitre. He died on 22 Jan 1834 in Thibodaux, La. He was buried on 29 JAN 1834 in Saint Joseph Cemetery, Thibodaux, LA. Under the name of Hysidor Guillot. Isidore is listed in the war of 1812 pensioners for Louisiana. (WC-6608), served in Capt. John Guillot's company, Louisiana mil.
Isidore inventory:14 Sep 1837 Thibodaux court house succ:year 1837. Three of Isidore children married three of his brother's children (first cousins):
iv. Jean Pierre Guillot born 17 APR 1797 in Plattenville, Assumption Parish, Louisiana. He died 17 DEC 1832 in Thibodaux, La (Thib-V1-502).
Jean's inventory: 30 may 1836, Thibodaux, La. court house:succ. year 1836. Children: (1) Adele 18 1/2, (2) Philonsi 16, (3) Marie 10 1/2, (4) Michel
v. Jean Baptiste Louis Guillot born 17 APR 1797 in Plattenville, Louisiana (ASM-1-86). He died on 27 May 1837 in Thibodaux, La. Jean's inventory: 8 June 1837, Thibodaux courthouse:succ.year 1837. His plantation was on the left bank of Bayou Lafourche 3 miles below Thibodauxville La.. Olivier Guillot was the undertutor for his children. The value of his inventory: $5,352.75. His children: (1) Marie Rosale, (2) Theophile, (3) Elisa Adele, (4) Marie Estelle, (5) Joseph Joachin, (6) Firmin Victor, (6) Marie Odile.
vi. Narcisse Anders Guillot born 12 MAY 1799 in Plattenville, Assumption, Louisiana. He was baptized on 12 May 1799 in Assumption Church, Plattenville, LA, (ASM-1-139). He died 13 FEB 1847 in Near Napoleanville, LA. According to the Succession of Narcisse Guillot, 12th June 1847, #190 State of Louisiana, Parish of Assumption, he lived on the right bank of Bayou Lafourche at about three miles below Napoleanville, measuring two arpents and a half by forty arpents depth bounded above by land of Widow Jacques Terriot and below by land of Valery Prejean. Signed: Rosalie Borg, Fermin Guillot, Dominique Congne and Phillip Esbresse
vii. Louis Jean Guillot born 24 JUN 1800 in Assumption parish, Louisiana, died in 1853.
viii. Marie Carmelite Guillot born on 27 April 1802 in Plattenville, Louisiana (ASM-1-239). Married George Faber
ix. Marguerite Louise Guillot born 9 March 1807 in Bayou LaFourche, Louisiana (ASC-5-282).

Jean Michel is listed in the "1797 Census of the habitants of Valenzuela in Lafourche" as 27-year-old, his wife Marie Pitre 30, and children: Oiliver 6, Jean Charles 5, Isidore 3.

In the "American State Papers" Vol. II 1809-1815 Claim #422. Jean claims a tract of land situated on the left bank of the Bayou La Fourche, in the county of La Fourche, Louisiana, containing two hundred and fifty -three and ninety hundredths superficial acres and bounded on the upper side by land of the heirs of Oliver Petre, and on the lower by land of Charles Guillotte. It appearing that the land now claimed was settled prior to 1 Oct 1800 and that the same was continually inhabited and cultivated by those whom the present claimant holds, until on and after the 20th of Dec 1803.

Jean's will is located in the Thibodaux, Louisiana courthouse, succ.year 27 Sep 1827 and is in French.
Jean Guillot donates to his son, Olivier Guillot, property with an estimated vaule of $500, described as a tract of land containing 2 arpents front by ordinary depth {located on the right bank of Bayou Lafourche), about 9 leagues below the Mississippi River; bounded above by Heuron Boudreaux; below by Jean Guillot. This donation is in consideration of the marriage of Olivier Guillot with Ann Oncal, daughter of deceased Louis Oncal. She bought into their marriage the sum of $260. This deed was dated 31 Jan 1812 and passed before Victor Coulon, Justice of the Peace of Lafourche Interior Parish, during the absence of Judge William Goforth. Reference: Lafourche Interior Parish Records of Deeds 1808-1812, 301/15 Aug 1812, page 276.

Jean donates to his son, Jean Charles Guillot, property with an estimated value of $500, described as a tract of land containing 2 arpents front by ordinary depth (located on the right bank of Bayou Lafourche), about 9 leagues below the Mississippi River; bounded above by Jean Guillot; below by Jean Price. This gift is made in consideration of the marriage of Jean Charles Guillot with Theodose Marianne Carmelite Daunis, daughter of Mathurin Daunis, who signs for his absent daughter. This deed was dated 31 Jan 1812 and passed before Victor Coulon, Justice of the Peace of Lafourche. Reference: Lafourche Interior Parish Records of Deeds 1808-1812, 301/15 Aug 1812, page 276.

Jean Michel was a farmer in Brule Guillot when his succession was filed in September 1827. He owned "a tract of land 2 arpents X 40 arpents, located about 3 miles above Thibodaux, Louisiana. He had another tract, 8 arpents X 22 arpents, about 2 miles above Thibodaux, 40 arpents from Bayou LaFourche, facing on the continuation of a line between the habitations of the deceased Jean Charles Guillot and of Jeannot Landry, and facing the rear of the Bayou side habitation of Jean Charles Guillot, Isidore Guillot, Oliver Guillot, Charles Richard and others and is bounded behind by the land of Augustin Moresque. The said land is not cleared and makes part of a concession of 608 and 17/100 acres known under the name of Grand Chene. He owned another tract of land 6 arpents front by the depth there found which is situated at 20 arpents behind the preceding tract, having a face on the said common line bordered by lands of Julien Alexandre LeRay and bounded by behind by lands of Government, this said land terminates the said concession of Grand Chene, having there on neither road nor clearing".

Guillot, Jean, farmer. Family papers, 1787-1863 (bulk 1803-1863). 50 items. Mss. 1142. Farmer in Lafourche Parish, Louisiana. Collection includes legal, land, tax papers, and receipts. Partly in French. ( French-Language Manuscript Materials in the Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections, Hill Memorial Library, Louisiana State University)

Jean Michel was one of the first trustees of St Joseph Church. He served in the Battle of New Orleans 1814-1815 and was a Captain in LeBoeuf's 7th Regiment of the LA Militia. (Families along Bayou Lafourche LA by Mrs Celine B. Verret)

JEAN CHARLES GUILLOT born 1792 in West Baton Rough Parish, Louisiana. He died 23 Sept 1827 in Thibodaux, Louisiana. He married Theodora Marianne Carmelite Daunis (daughter of Mathurin Daunis and Ana Theodosia Bourque of St. Malo, France) on 3 Feb 1812 in Plattenville, Assumption, Louisiana.


i. Rosale Hortense Guillot b. 7 March 1814, m. Joseph Bourg on December 23, 1828 ?) She died 5 June 1833.
ii. Francois Gaetan Guillot b. 5 Aug 1815 m. Severin Malboroue February 23, 1841
iii. Victor Stanislas Guillot was born April 26, 1817 in Assumption, Plattenville, Louisiana (ASM-8, 221) and died June 06, 1905 in Delcambre, LOUISIANA (Ch v1, 45) He married (1) Rose Virginie Calhoun on May 11, 1840 in Thibodaux, Louisiana (CH v1, 691) He married (2) Cecile Liobe Henry on February 07, 1849
iv. Marie Domitille Guillot b. 7 May 1819 d. 22 Aug 1827

Jean Charles inventory: dated 20 Jan 1827 is located in Thibdoaux, La. court house, succ: 1827. Listed were children:
(1) Rosale Hortense 13,
(2) Francois Gaetan 11,
(3) Victor Stanisas 9,
(4) Marie Domitille 7
All their children were baptized in Assumptin Parish.

VICTOR STANISLAS ISIDORE GUILLOT was born April 26, 1817 in Assumption, Plattenville, Louisiana (ASM-8, 221) and died June 06, 1905 in Delcambre, Louisiana (Ch v1, 45) He married (#1) Rose Virginie Calhoun (daughter of John Calhoun and Marie Boudreaux) on May 11, 1840 in Thibodaux, Louisiana (CH v1, 691). Rose died 6 March 1846 at age 20.
Victor married (#2) Cecile Liobe Henry (daughter of Jean Baptiste Henri and Marie Rose Boudreaux) on 7 Feb 1849 in Thibodaux Church (v4, 315) She was born July 14 1824 in Thibodaux, (Ch v2, 115) Houma, Louisiana.



i. Jean Charles Victor Guillotte b. 2 May 1841, Thibodaux, Louisiana (CH v3, 2320) d. 21 Sept 1841, Thibodaux, Louisiana (CH v1, 989)
ii. Emile Guillotte b. 26 Dec 1842; d. 26 July 1843, Thibodeaux, Louisiana (Ch v1, 70)
iii. Adam Guillotte b. 1 Nov 1845, Thibodaux, Louisiana (CH v 4, 951) d. 5 weeks old, Thibodaux, Louisiana. (CH v 1, 52)


iv. Trasimond Guillotte b. 18 Nov 1849, Thibodaux, Louisiana (Ch v5, 107)
v. (Marie) Virginie Guillotte b. 10 Jan 1851, Thibodaux, Louisiana(CH v5, 130) She married Celestin Bellanger (son of Michel Bellanger and Virginie Lecompte) on 7 Feb 1870 in Montegut (CH v1, 28) Their Children are: 1) Joseph Nelson Bellanger, b. 2 Feb 1889, Franklin, La Ch v2, 196 2) Michel Bellanger, m. Oliva Boudreaux, 26 Jan 1898, Franklin, La Ch v4,4 3) Eugenie Bellanger, m. Elphege Robicheaux, 18 Jan 1894, Franklin, La Ch v3, 123 4) Marie Philomene Bellanger, b. 18 June 1892, Franklin, La Ch v 3, 66. 5) Theophile Bellanger, m. Celeste Folse, 5 Feb 1891, Franklin, La (Ch v3, 93)
vi. Joseph Theophile Guillotte b. 9 June 1852, Thibodaux, Louisiana(CH v5, 174) He married Malazie Hebert 17 Feb 1873 in Chacahoula Church v1, p35, (daughter of Antoine Hebert and Veronique Leboeuf. She was born 6 Nov 1856 in Thibodaux, Louisiana. (CH v5, 308)
vii. Victor Guillott b. 13 Sept 1856, Thibodaux, Louisiana(Ch v5, 307) He married Delphine Esteve 6 Feb 1888 in Lydia Church v2, 24. Their children are: (1)Eugenie Guillotte b. 9 Jan 1891; m. Evis Carlin, 2 Jan 1907, Abbeville, La CH v4, 96. (2)Rose Victoria Guillotte b. 12 March 1894. (3)Virginie Guillotte m. Merrill Chiasson 19 Dec 1907, Abbeville, La CH v4, 117 (4)Marie Azelie Guillotte b. 24 Feb 1905, Saint Martinville, La Ch v14, 505.
viii. Marie Theodosia "Dosia" Guillott b. 26 Oct 1858, Houma, Louisiana(Ch v3, 154) She married Hilaire Xavier Hevert 24 Feb 1876 in Montegut (Ch v2, 138) (son of Antoine Hebert and Veronique Leboeuf) He was born 16 Dec 1854 in Chacahoula (CH v2, 1) Their children are: (1) Joseph Hilaire Luc Hebert b. 4 May 1877, Montegut, La Ch v3, 6. (2)Marie Cecile Hebert b. 27 Aug 1878, Montegut, La Ch v3, 30; m. John Marsh Moore 28 Dec 1896, Franklin, La Ch v3, 157. (3) Joseph Hebert b. 29 May 1880, Chacahoula, La Ch v2, 124. (4) Marie Angele Hebert b. 26 Feb1882, Chacahoula, La Ch v2, 131. (5)Marie Angelina Hebert b. 26 Feb 1882, Chacahoula, La Ch v2, 131. (6)Joseph Trasimond Hebert b. 27 June 1885, Chacahoula, La Ch v2, 3a. (7) Marie Eleonor Hebert b. 20 Jan 1896, Franklin, La Ch v4, 30 (8) Joseph Dewey Hebert b. 12 June 1898, Franklin, La Ch v4, 108
ix. (Joseph) Albert Guillotte b. 7 Jan 1862; m. Eveline Trahan on 16 Oct 1884, Charenton CH v2, 12.
x. Marie Emilie Guillotte b. 3 April 1865
Victor Guillotte died at 86 years of age. He came from France
during the confederate war. He was Gumbicks paternal grandfather. He died when Gumbick was 13 years old June 6, 1904. (This is the story handed down from the Guillottes) Note: Victor's birth is recorded in Assumption parish as the son of Jean Charles Guillot and Marie Theodose Donis.

JOSEPH THEOPHILE GUILLOTTE was born June 09, 1852 in Thibodaux, Louisiana. (CH v5, 174) He married Malazie Hebert February 17, 1873 in Chacahoula Church v1, p35, (daughter of Antoine Hebert and (Veronique or Philonise) Leboeuf). She was born November 06, 1856 in Thibodaux, Louisiana. (CH v5, 308) Malazie Hebert and Theophile Guillotte are buried at Bertrand cemetery.

Theophile Guillotte and Milazie Hebert had the following children:


i. Emelian Guillotte m. Stella Attaway
ii. Virginia Guillotte b. 1873.
iii. Marie Eulily Guillotte b. July 10, 1874, Franklin CH v1, 334, 57 A. She married John Landry (son of Emile Landry and Azema simon)15 Jan 1897 in Jennings Ch v1, 111 He was born about 1870. Their children are: (1) Dolce Joseph Landry b. 22 Nov 1897, Jennings, La Ch v1, 252; d. 15 Sept 1986; m. Ernestine Lavergne, b. 12 June 1898; d. 11 June 1992. (2) Joseph Vilior Landry b. 6 Feb 1905, Jennings, La Ch v2, 58; d. 3 July 1969; m. Edith Miller b. 19 Sept 1911; d. 19 March 1983
iv. Eugenie Guillotte b. 29 Sept 1875.She married Joseph Espera Breaux (son of Napoleon Breaux and Aspasie Babineaux) on 20 March 1896 in Jennings CH v1, 94. He was born August 19, 1872 in Lydia, La Ch v1, 73. Eugenie died of complications resulting from diabetes. Their children are: (1) Eunice Breaux (2) Lyon Baby Breaux (3) Dulva Breaux b. 7 Dec 1896, Jennings Ch v1, 221 (4) Elias Breaux b. 1 Feb 1904, Jennings, La Ch v2, 46; d. 10 Nov 1997 (5) Elodias Joseph Breaux b. 28 July 1906, Jennings, La Ch v2, 77 (6) Marie Eva Breaux b. 14 July 1907, Jennings, La Ch v3
v. Marie Eulalie Guillotte b. 29 Sept 1875, Chacahoula CH v2, 93.
vi. Mary Eugenia Guillotte b. 8 Nov 1876, Patterson, La Ch v2,
vii. Marie Eulalie Guillotte b. 3 Feb 1879, Abbeville CH v4, 126; d. 1957. She married Emile Landry (son of Emile Landry and Azema Simon) on 16 Dec 1895 in Jennings, La Ch v1, 91, . He was born 9 June 1872 in Rayne, La CH v1, 9, and died 1956. Their children are: (1)Dema Joseph Landry b. 24 May 1902; d. 2 Oct 1967 (2)Emma Landry b. 27 Sept 1897, Jennings Ch v1, 247; d. 11 Feb 1996; m. Moise Doucet, b. 29 March 1896, CP Ch v5, 91; d. 8 Feb 1978. (3) Evelien Joseph "Pay" Landry b. 16 Feb 1906, Jennings, La Ch v2, 72; d. 22 Oct 1984
viii. Joseph Luc Guillotte b. 26 Feb 1880, Abbeville CH ,v4, 182; d. 1962. He married Roselina Bertrand (daughter of Joseph Bertrand and Marie Ringuet) on 10 Dec 1901 in Jennings CH v1, 167, She was born 1885, and died 1932. Their children are: (1)Israel Ben Guillotte b. 16 Aug 1903, Jennings Church, v2, 37; d. 6 Dec 1984. (2)Laurina Guillotte b. 3 April 1905, Delcambre, La Ch v2, 18; d. 6 Jan 1980. (3). Walter "Son" J Guillotte b. 15 Dec 1908; d. 13 Jan 1999. (4) Willie Guillotte b. About. 1910; m. Luma Crochet (5) Loretta Guillotte b. About. 1915; m. Clarence Gary. (6) Selazie Guillotte b. about 1917; m. Edgar Doucet (7) Claude Guillotte b. 7 Aug 1921; d. 8 Dec 1997; m. Leoma Crochet b. 21 Sept 1922.
ix. Joseph Robert Guillotte b. 28 March 1881, Abbeville CH v4, 257. . He married Lesinska Barras (daughter of Aaron Barras and Leksinska Lasseigne) on 20 Feb 1906 in SM CH v13, 34 Their child is: Lillian Guillotte m. Robin
x. Philomene Cecile Guillotte b. 6 Sept 1884, Eunice CH v1, 281; m. Arthur Landry; b. 22 June 1893, Jennings, La Ch v1, 74.
xi. Amanda Guillotte, b. 10 Jan 1886; d. 7 June 1956. She married Augustin Treville Landry (son of Emile Landry and Azema Simon) on 30 July 1906 in Abbeville, La Ct Hse record 3619, . He was born 1861, and died January 1935. According to Adele, Treville's daughter, Treville was the brother of Jean and Emile. Treville was married twice, second marriage was to Amanda. Their children are: (1) Wilson Landry (2) Adele Landry b. 18 July 1907, Jennings, La Ch v2, 92. (3) Gus Landry m. Ella Prejean
xii. Celestin Guillotte b. 1888; d. 1954. He married Natalie Frederick ( daughter of Severin Frederick and Ursulia Trahan) on 3 Dec 1907 in Abbeville Ct Hse 4006,. She was born 26 March 1884 in Abbeville, La Ch v5, 53. Their children are: (1) Lizzie Loula Guillotte b. 16 Sept 1909, Delcambre Ch v2, 189; m. Jerome Doucet (2) Eustis Guillotte b. Abt. 1912; m. Azalia Broussard (3) Francis Guillotte b. About 1917; m. Freida Langley
xiii. Victor Guillotte b. January 26, 1889; d. April 08, 1975. He married Victorine Bellanger (daughter of Joseph Bellanger and Emela Primeaux) on 2 Jan 1911. She was born 21 Oct 1889 in Abbeville, La Ch v 5, 332, and died 21 March 1979.
xiv. Victorine Guillotte b. about 1890. She married Aristile Landry (son of Guilbert Landry and Eve Lopez) on 1 April 1907 in Abbeville Ch v4, 103, He was born about 1888. Their children are: (1) Raymond Landry b. 1 May 1912; d. 14 Feb 1974; m. (#1) Ruby Bertrand m. (#2) Pauline Gary m. (#3) Eunice Lejeune b. 7 March 1926. (2) Clyde Landry b. 1922; m. Della Daigle. (3) Eddie Landry b. 4 Nov 1925; m. Mae Cormier b. 31 Dec 1930; d. 16 March 1974, Doucet cemetery.
xv. Malazie "Bic" Guillotte b. 10 Oct 1891; d. 9 July 1987. She married Aurelie Romero (son of Joseph Romero and Marguerite Viator) He was born 19 June 1886, and died 6 Sept 1971. Their children are: (1) Edmar Romero b. 1912; m. Nilda Romero (2) Edias Romero b. about. 1916. (3) Antoine Romero b. 1918; d. 1918. (4) Elodias Romero b. 1921; m. Annie Mae Roy (4) Annie Mae Romero b. March 08, 1928
xvi. Marie Celestine "Tic" Guillotte b. 26 Jan 1893, Lafourche Parish, Louisiana; d. 5 April 1968, Abbeville, LA. She married Elphege Romero (son of Joseph Romero and Marguerite Viator) in 1912. He was born 8 June 1891 in Abbeville, CH, LA v6, p58, and died 18 Nov 1986 in Abbeville, La.. Their children are: (1) Albert Eustis Romero b. 26 Oct 1912, LeBlanc Community, Vermilion Parish; d. 4 Dec 1985, Vermilion Parish, LA. (2) Alphe Romero b. 26 Aug 1923, Vermilion Parish, LA. (3) Esther Romero b. 3 Sept 1930, near Woodland Bridge, Vermilion Parish; m. (#1) Preston Richard March 1948, St. Mary Magdalen, Abbeville, La; m. (#2) Billie Ray Whited 25 April 1960, Orange, Texas; b. 2 May 1927, Red River, Spanish Fort, Texas; d. 20 May 1990, Port Arthur, Texas.
xvii. THEOPHILE OR THEODULE GUILLOTTE, b. 27 Aug 1896, Jennings CH v1, 213; d. 10 May 1952; m. Olite Romero b. 11 July 1898, Abbeville, La CH v7, 217

Theophile Guillotte and Malazie Hebert are shown on the June 1880 census in Vermilion parish, sixth ward, page 13. Children listed are Virginia, Eulily, Eugenie, Mary, and Luke. Theophile was a farmer.
On the 1910 census, Theophile(47) and Malazie(43) are listed in Vermilion parish. Also listed are Lily (25) Emilian(22), Victor(20), Melazie(18), Celestine(17), Theophile(14).
In the 1920 census of Jeff Davis parish, ward 3: Theophile, 66; Melazie, 62; Theophile, Jr., 23; and Trazimon, 64, brother. (family 126)
The 1920 census also shows family 238: Arthur, 27; and Cecile 34; and Family 239, A.E., 32, Victorine, 28, and Ramond, 7.

According to Alphe Romero, his mother said there were 21 children in the Theophile Guillotte and Malazie Hebert family.

In South Louisiana records of Lafourche-Terrebonne parishes, Marie Eulalie Guillot is listed as a child born to Theophile and Melasie Hebert on 29 Sept 1875, Chacahoula Church. No other children are recorded in the Lafourche reference.

Malazie Hebert and Theophile Guillotte are buried next to Luke Guillotte in the Bertrand cemetery. Other children in Bertrand cemetery are Theophile, and Eulalie.

Malazie died as a result of being bitten by wasps.

VICTOR GUILLOTTE was born 25 January 1889 and died 8 April 1975. He is buried in Lacassine Cemetery. He married Victorine Belanger on 2 Jan 1911 in Vermilion Parish, Louisiana.Victorine Belanger was born 21 Oct 1889 in Abbeville, Vermilion Parish, Louisiana and died March 1979. She is buried in Lacassine, Jefferson Davis Parish, Louisiana.
Photo at age 83
1950 Family Photo
Victorine Belanger and Victor Guillotte had the following children:


i. Anges Guillotte b. 1 March 1913 in Abbeville, d 30 May 1993 and is buried in Lacassine. m. Allen Ardoin and lived in Iowa, Louisiana. Allen b. 11 Bef 1903 d. 16 Oct 1995. They had 2 children, both died only a few days old.
ii. Roy Guillotte b. 25 Aug 1916 d. 8 March 1986 in Bell City, Calcasieu, Louisiana. m. Rose Primeaux. Their children are (1)Allen Guillotte (2) Clyde Dale Guillotte (3) Linda Guillotte Hebert.
iii. Eula Guillotte b. (Private) m. Femon Lognion. Their children are (1) Alvin Lognion (2) Dewey Lynn Lognion (3) Benny Dale Lognion (4) Brenda Lognion Courville.
iv. Nelson Jules Guillotte b. (Private) m. Mary Daisy Istre. Their children are; (1)Herbert(deceased)(2) Hubert Charles Guillotte (3) Florinda Faye Guillotte (4)Vickie Lynn Guillotte (5) Cheryl Ann Guillotte (6) Carol Teresa Guillotte (7) Suzanne Lanell Guillotte. They raised their children in Brookshire, Texas.
v. Mary Ella Guillotte b. (Private) m. Clyde Wilbert LaCombe

"I remember Victor as "PaPa". The things I miss the most, besides him, are the butchers they used to do at his house. You just cannot find delicious tasting sausage anymore as they used to make in their smokehouse. I remember sleeping on feather mattresses, drinking out of tin glasses, and eating pears and figs off his trees. He was missing a finger on one hand, I think from a b-b gun accident. PaPa was a big and tall man. His wife, MaMa, was a petite woman, just under 5' tall. She was a very sweet and gentlewoman. She was of good health and died at the age of 90. They only spoke Cajun French and a lot of us grandchildren only spoke English. It is amazing that we always understood each other's language but never learned to speak it. After PaPa died, MaMa spent her last years living with her children, mostly her daughter, Ella Guillotte LaCombe. After her death, one of her granddaughters, (Deloras LaCombe Campbell) acquired the old homestead in Bell City, Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana." Kathy LaCombe Tell

MARY ELLA GUILLOTTE was born PRIVATE in Jennings, Louisiana. She married Clyde Wilbert LaCombe on 14 June 1952 in Bell City, Louisiana. Clyde was born PRIVATE in Lake Arthur, Louisiana. Clyde served in the US Army in the Military Police and was stationed at Fort Dix, New Jersey. Ella was a cafeteria worker, for a number of years, at Bell City High School, Bell City, Louisiana. Clyde is a retired Auto Mechanic. They raised their children in Hayes, Calcasieu, Louisiana.
Wedding Photo
1997 Photo
Ella Guillotte and Clyde LaCombe have the following children:


i. Jennifer Jane LaCombe was born PRIVATE in Jennings, Jefferson Davis, Louisiana. She married Joseph Neil Granger on 11 Dec 1971 in Bell City, Calcasieu, Louisiana. Jane and Neil have two children; (1)Christopher Granger, he married Toni Lynn Sullivan. They have two children, Jacob Dakota and Tanor Cade. (2)Amanda Kristin Granger.
ii. Kathy Jean LaCombe was born PRIVATE. She married James Savan Broussard on 21 Sept 1972 in Bell City, Calcasieu, Louisiana. Kathy and James have two children; (1)James Savan Broussard, JR (2)Eric Wayne Broussard. Eric married Chandra Denise Stelly.
Kathy divorced and married Ronald Arthur Tell, 26 Feb 2000 in Harahan, Jefferson, Louisiana. Ron has a daughter; Rachel Evelyn Tell.
iii. Deloras Faye LaCombe was born PRIVATE in Jennings, Jefferson Davis, Louisiana. She married Jerry Dean Campbell on 1976 in Bell City, Calcasieu, Louisiana with their wedding reception held at Victor and Victorine Guillotte's old homestead, now their place of residence. Deloras and Jerry have two children; (1)David Kyle Campbell and (2)Laura Kristen Campbell. Laura has one daughter, Kylee LeBlanc (daughter of John LeBlanc).
Deloras and Jerry owned the "Grocery Box", the only grocery store located in Bell City at the corner of North Railroad and Hwy 14, from Sept 1989 to Sept 1997.
iv. Connie Dee LaCombe was born PRIVATE in Jennings, Jefferson Davis, Louisiana. She married Andrew John Thevis on 2 Feb 1980 in Bell City, Calcasieu, Louisiana. Connie and Andrew have three sons. (1)Tyson Joseph Thevis, (2)Scott Steven Thevis, and (3)Kade William Thevis.
v. Melinda Gayle LaCombe was born PRIVATE in Jennings, Jefferson Davis, Louisiana. She married Randy Guillory on 20 March 1988. Milly and Randy have two daughters; (1)Samantha Alexandra Guillory and (2)Kalli Leigh Guillory

KATHY JEAN LACOMBE was born PRIVATE in Fort Dix, Burlington, New Jersey. She married James Savan Broussard (son of Hubert Broussard and Mary Lillian Roy) on 23 Sept 1972 in Bell City, Calcasieu, Louisiana. James Savan Broussard was born PRIVATE in Louisiana.
Kathy divorced and married Ronald Arthur Tell (son of Gerald Edward Tell, SR and Thelma Trochesset) on 26 Feb 2000 in Harahan, Jefferson, Louisiana.
Ronald Arthur Tell was born PRIVATE in New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana

Kathy Lacombe and James Broussard have the following children:


i. James Savan Broussard, Jr Jaime was born PRIVATE, Lake Charles, Calcasieu, Louisiana.
ii. Eric Wayne Broussard Eric was born PRIVATE, Lake Charles, Calcasieu, Louisiana. Eric married Chandra Denise Stelly (daughter of Michael and Louise Stelly) 20 Nov 1999 in Grand Lake, Cameron, Louisiana. Chandra was born PRIVATE. They are expecting their first child (girl) Dec 2001

Kathy Lacombe and Ronald Arthur Tell have the following child:

iii. Rachel Evelyn Tell(stepdaughter) was born PRIVATE, in Metairie, Jefferson, Louisiana

Special thanks to Mrs. Clyde LaCombe
and Ray Landry who has
helped me with this Guillotte family tree!

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