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unknown Tell was a farrier in Switzerland, specializing in shoeing the town's horses and oxen. He left Canton Berne, Switzerland and came to America in 1839, having been exiled from his native land for participation in the wars, which resulted in the expulsion of the Protestants. He came to New Orleans and commenced life anew. Mr. Tell prospered and about one year later (1840), he sent for his wife and son, William Tell, who was 4 years old. About six years [1846] young William and his father were employed in the United States Government shops in New Orleans as army saddlers.

Unknown Tell had a brother born in 1816.


William C. Tell was born 12 Oct 1836 in Canton Berne, Switzerland and died 8 Dec 1901 in New Orleans, Louisiana. William's first marriage was to Jeannie Richardson, who died after being "in bad health for a long time". His second marriage was to Carrie A. Vancourt on 20 Sept 1873. Rev. Thomas R. Markham married them at the Lafayette Presbyterian Church on Fulton Street in New Orleans, Louisiana. Carrie Vancourt was born in 1858, died 6 Feb 1933, and was buried 10 Feb 1933 at age 75 in Greenwood Cemetery.

Record of Marriage

WILLIAM TELL and CARRIE V. MILLER, Marriage: 20 Sep 1873, Lafayette Presbyterian OR Fulton St. Church, New Orleans, Louisiana
The church organized in September 21, 1843 as the First Presbyterian Church in the 4th District also called Fulton Street Church because of location. Rev. Thomas R. Markham took charge Feb. 1, 1857. The church burned in 1860; on renewal of charter in 1866, the church was named Lafayette Presbyterian Church.
Pres. Hist. Soc.: MI46 N4352Lr v.1, N4352Lrm, N4352Lrf Batch # M530161, Film # 1311101 Items 5-6 Church records, 1841-1929 Lafayette Presbyterian Church (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Title: Church records, 1841-1929
Title: Record of marriages by the pastor of the 1st Presbyterian Church of the Fourth District, New Orleans, La.
Authors: Lafayette Presbyterian Church (New Orleans, Louisiana) (Main Author)
Markham, Thomas R. (Added Author)
Notes: Microfilm of original records at the Presbyterian Historical Society in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

From a letter dated 6 Nov 1971 written by Aunt Belle (Perez Tell):

"Carrie Vancourt's mother was Hermine Dayton. She was married to Daniel Vancourt (from England). Their children were Carrie and Dan, Jr. Hermine and Dan divorced and Dan wanted to take the 2 children to England. Carrie would have gone but Dan (Jr) would not. So - Hermine married John H Miller and made the children use that name, they were about grown up; and your Grandfather William Tell was living on Soloman Street near Canal. Also Hermine was a near neighbor. Billy (William) Tell was married to Jeannie Richardson and she was in bad health for a long time. So Billy took his meals at Hermine's. And she sent Carrie to take care of Jennie; Well I don't know how long it was after Jennie died that Hermine got Carrie married to Billy Tell. When she was only 16 years old. But Billy made sure she used the name of Vancourt. But Dan (Jr) just kept the name of his stepdad, Miller. Well Carrie and Bill had 6 children. Charlie, Florence, Willie, Cora, Pearl and Raymond. ......."
In New Orleans, Louisiana a cemetery plot was bought by William Tell on 22 Nov 1872, located in the Greenwood Cemetery, on Violet Street, between Aloe and Orange. There are 19 names listed as occupying that space.

(taken from a newspaper article, unable to identify the publisher)
William Tell, a prominent mason, and Tyler for a number of Masonic lodges for many years, died Sunday morning. The funeral service will be held from his late residence at 623 Tonti Street this afternoon at 3 o'clock. He leaves a widow and several children.

Mr. Tell was born Oct 12, 1836 in Canton Berne, Switzerland. His father came to America in 1839, having been exiled from his native land for participation in the wars, which resulted in the expulsion of the Protestants. He came to New Orleans and commenced life anew.

Mr. Tell prospered, and about one year [1840] later he sent for his family, consisting of his wife and son [William] who was then four years of age. Under the tuition of his father, young William learned the trade of saddler and harness maker. About six years [1846] later the Tells were employed in the United States Government shops as army saddlers. Then younger Tell soon tired of this life and ran away to become a jockey. He became quite famous as a rider and his services were always in demand. He was the young man that rode the second twenty-mile race in the United States at Columbia, South Carolina on the grounds owned by Wade Hampton, known as Hampton's tracks. He won the race. He rode horses for about twelve years, and becoming a little stout, returned to this city [New Orleans] and became a clerk in the house of Joseph A. Brown, a prominent lumber merchant. During the year 1876 he was appointed sexton of the Masonic Cemetery and remained in that position until appointed Grand Tyler in 1885. He was made a Master Mason in the Orient Lodge No. 173, afterwards merged into Perfect Union No. 1.

Mr. Tell was looked upon as a Tyler of the first rank of Masonic bodies. At one time he was Tyler for the Grand Lodge, F. and A.M.; Grand Chapter, R.A.M; Grand Council, R. and S.M.; Grand Commandery, K.T.; Grand Consistory, A. and A.S.R.; Albert Pike Lodge of Perfection No. 1; Pelican Chapter, R.C. No 11; Eagle Council of Kadosh No. 6; Jerusalem Temple, A.A.O.N.M. N.; Indivisible Friends Commandery No. 1, R.A.M; Concorde chapter No 2, R.A.M.; Perfect Union Lodge No 1; Alpha Home Lodge No. 2; Friends of Harmony Lodge No. 58, and janitor of the Masonic Temple.
The only living relations Mr. Tell had in Switzerland were an uncle at the advanced age of 85 years. His grandmother died at the remarkable age of 115 years. ............. been sick for some time. ....................years of age ...................old volunteer fire department ............................Fireman Charitable Association

In New Orleans, Louisiana William Tell bought a cemetery plot on 22 Nov 1872, located in the Greenwood Cemetery, on Violet Street, between Aloe and Orange. As of Dec 2001, there are 19 names listed as occupying that space.

Death Notice:William Tell [Taken from the Daily Picayune, Dec 10 1901, Page 4] Members of the Orleans Delta Masonic Temple, N. O., Dec 10, 1901. The officers and members of DEMOLAY COMMANDERY NO ( ) are hereby requested to attend services at 3 PM for the purpose of ( ) the funeral of our late (brother) William Tell, By order of Leonard Mc( ).John H. Douglas, ( )Perfect union Lodge No ( ) & A.M., New Orleans, LA, Dec 10, 1901, officers and members of ( ) are notified to assemble at the ( ) (Tuesday) Afternoon at (9) o'clock for the funeral of Brother William Tell. Internment at Greenwood cemetery at 3 o'clock.Master masons in good standing are invited By order of L.P. Delahoussaye

Original death record:
Louisiana State Archives, Baton Rouge, La., Death; Vol. 126 Page 287.
Be it Remembered, that on this day to wit: the Tenth of December in the year of our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and one and the One Hundred and 26 of the independence of the United States of America, before me, Quitman Kohnke, M. D., Chairman Board of Health and Ex-Officio Recorder of Births, Deaths and Marriages, in and for the Parish of Orleans, personally appeared A. Smith ( ), native of City residing at No. 415
[This must be the address at the asylum], who hereby declares that William Tell (white) a native of Switzerland, aged 66 years departed this life on the eighth ( ) (Dec 8 1901) at the State Insane Asylum Jackson, LA. Cause of Death Chronic Interstitial Nephritis. Certificate of Dr. Geo. A. B. HaysThus done at New Orleans in the presence of the aforesaid A. Smith as also in that of P. H. Lanauge and J. To( ) both of this City witnesses, by me requested so to be, who have hereunto set their hands, together with me, after lending herself, this day, month and year first above written.
Signed: Jas. T( ), A. Smith, and Quitman Kohnke M. D. (Chairman Board of Health and Ex-Officio Recorder.

Be aware that 19th- and 20th-century definitions of insanity differed markedly from current definitions. Alcoholics, the mentally retarded, or those suffering from various physical disorders (such as William's Kidney Failure) were routinely committed to asylums during this period.

Death Notice:

Carrie Vancourt Tell [Taken from the Times Picayune, Friday, 10 Feb 1933, Page 2] On Thursday afternoon, Feb 6, 1833 at 1:14 o'clock Carrie Vancourt in her 75th year, of 1214 Banks Street, wife of the late William Tell, mother of Mrs. Frank Lund, Mrs. Clark Steen, Charles L., William E. and Raymond O. Tell. Relatives, friends, and members of Canal Street Presbyterian Church and Employees of the New Orleans Public services are invited to attend the services from the P. J. McMahan and Sons Funeral Home ...... Internment in Greenwood Cemetery.
Note: Canal Street Presbyterian, New Orleans, Louisiana was at the corner of North Derbigney and Canal Street. Officiating at that time was James H. Nall.

Story told by Ruth Evelyn Tell (Fifth Generation)

"One story told about Carrie was that she was blind in one eye (how or when it happened is unknown). Her grandchildren from Charles, said she could see more out of her one eye then some people could see out of two.She was very strict and wanted ever thing exact when they sat at the table. From time to time just for the hell of it all of the younger adults would put their elbows on the table. She would see one of them and she'd take her knife and hit them on the elbow with the handle, then another would do the same thing to see if she was watching them. They'd start to laugh and she'd catch on to what they were doing and realized they were teasing her and she'd laugh withthem.One of the stories told about William by one of his daughter-in-law: He told her he had been a spy and messenger for the Confederate Army. He said one time he had been stopped by a Union patrol when he was carrying a message. He was riding fast and when he saw the patrol, he stuffed the message down into his boot. He looked very young and they thought he was a young lad. They asked where he was going. He said home, he was very late, and his mother would be worried. They just patted him down to see if he was hiding anything then they let him go. He then raced away and returned to camp. This could be true because Wade Hampton was a Confederate General and William raced at Hampton's racetracks."

info about Wade Hampton {Wade Hampton III, distinguish himself on Civil War battlefields in the Confederate cavalry as Major General. Wade Hampton organized what would become known as Hampton's Legion, a unit comprised of infantry, cavalry, and artillery.On May 23, 1862, he was promoted to Brigadier General and given the command of his own Infantry Brigade. Throughout the next battles, Hampton distinguished himself as a commander of infantry, but when the Army was reorganized, he gladly accepted Lee's offer to command a brigade in J.E.B. Stuart's Cavalry Division. In January 1865, the 5th SouthCarolina Cavalry was reassigned to Wheeler's Cavalry Corps, Army of Tennessee, CSA, and returned to Columbia, South Carolina, under Lieutenant General Wade Hampton.}

Ruth Evelyn Tell has an old family Bible with the following information written in it:
Marriage: Charles L Tell married to Cora A Washington by Rev. Dr. Leacock on 5 Dec 1870.
Death 28 Aug 1874 inGalveston, Texas.
Death: Alberta Miller 6 years old, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. D. V. Miller. {no date given; this would be daughter of Carrie Vancourt's brother, Daniel Vancourt-Miller. We know that Daniel (d. 14 Nov 1895) married Isabella "Belle" Rose, (d. 28 May 1932) from Rose Plantation in Palmyra, Missouri. They had 6 children; Charlie, Ollie, Dan, Albert, Carrie, and Adrian}
Death: Cora Washington Moise in Washington D.C.Death: Carrie B. Scherrer nee Zeller died 11 Jan 1911 in New York City
Death: Charles Zeller 76 years of age, died 20 Oct 1919

Letter from Belle's (Muzzie) Scrap Book
written by Carrie Vancourt Tell to Belle Perez Tell
Postmarked 22 Dec 1931

Note above envelope states this was the last letter Belle received from Carrie.

New Orleans La
Dec 22nd
Dear Belle
Received your letter which I was so glad to get. I knew you would write and tell me for you know I do not go out much. I was so worried about Carrie (reference is either to Florence Tell Austin's sister or daughter) and Frank came near passing out. Well I am thankful to say he is getting better but of course it will be slow as he had hemorrhages from the mouth and bowls and is still very weak. He has an ulcer the doctor said.Florence rang me up this morning and she said Carrie was at your house. I rang up town and they said she was at your house. I am glad for they do not know how to take care of sick people. You know dear there is nothing but trouble in this world and we must make the best of it for it is not so bad but it could be worse. Hope Thelma and babie are doing fine. Guess Gerald was disappointed yet I know he is glad it is all over, and that they all keep well. I went down to Miller's house Sunday they seem all well. They are going to Biloxi for Christmas the whole family. They are going in the truck. Pearl and family are well. I received a frilly Christmas card from Katie and Bill (William Charles Tell) that was lovely of them to think of me. I think of them often. Florence told me Carrie was going over the lake as soon as she was able. Hope I will get to see her before she goes. For you know dear I feel like she belongs to me of course I love every one of you all but she seems nearer. I will try and come down Sunday from Church; sorry I cannot get down sooner. Hope this will find all the sick improving and the well ones in good spirits under the depression. Well dear this will not be a nice long letter like yours. Take good care of yourself. You know you are filling the place I did once, the Brooklyn folks are nice and will spend Christmas with Albert I think Belle's mind is gone the poor dear. I miss her letters so much. (In reference to Daniel Vancourts wife, Belle and their son, Albert) Marie (Raymond Oliver Tell's wife) went to the doctor this evening. She is feeling much better. Ray and the children fine. I am well but feel like a stove up horse. I -------- yesterday today so guess that is it. Well dear you must excuse mistakes it is so gloomy I cannot see the lines on the paper. Every one wishes to be remembered and wish each one a Merry Christmas.I will close with love and will see you Sunday
Mother Tell

William Tell and Carrie Vancourt had the following children:


1. (F) Isabella Tell was born 1876, died 9 Nov 1899 at age 23. When William and Carrie thought they could not bear children, they adopted Isabella.

2. (M) Charles Louis Tell b. 4 Feb 1878 New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana. (Index vol 75 pg. 112) d. 8 Feb 1947.
His obituary reads:On Saturday, February 8, 1947, at 1:30 o'clock p. m., Charles Lewis Tell, Sr. of 500 Caffin Avenue, beloved husband of Belle Perez; father of Mrs. Carrie McCann, Mrs. Florence Austin and William C., Gerald E. and Charles L. Tell, Jr.; brother of Mrs. Frank Lund, Mrs. C. E. Steen, Raymond O. and William Tell; aged 69 years; a native and a resident of this city. Services were held from the funeral home of Albert E. Briede and Son, Inc. 1160 Camp Street, on Sunday, February 9, 1947 at 2 o'clock p.m. Interment in Greenwood cemetery.

3. (F) Florence Hermine Tell was born 19 Dec 1879 in New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana, (Index vol 75 pg 111). She died 22 July 1899. She was married to Frank Lund on 22 June 1898 by Rev J. H. Nall. Her daughter (Florence Lund , retired personnel officer for the Army Corps of Engineers, b. 26 June 1899, d. 6 March 1995, m. Charles Gussman) wrote, "My grandmother Lund was Sarah Jane Patton from County Cork, Ireland; my grandfather Lund was from Stockholm, Sweden. My mother died within six or seven days after my birth, of purin fever caused by careless handling of the midwife. Some three or four years later my father married Cora Ariana Tell."

4. (M) William Edmund Tell was born 27 Jan 1882 in New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana. (Index vol 78 pg. 366). He died 14 Sept 1967 at age 85, last residence was Mid City, Orleans, Louisiana. William Tell, Sr. married Nellie A. Bourgeois (she was born in 1985 and died 20 Dec 1966 at age 81)
Their children are:
i. Nellie Tell (died at 7 months).
ii. Ray Edward Tell, b. 23 March 1905.
iii. Cora Pearl Tell, b. 23 March 1907, d. 9 Sept 1996, Kenner, Jefferson, Louisiana. She married a Bernos. obituary reads: Cora Pearl Tell Bernos, a retired clerk with Pan American Life Insurance Co., died Monday at Memorial Medical Center. She was 89. Mrs. Bernos was a lifelong resident of New Orleans. She was a parishioner of St. Dominic Catholic Church. Survivors include a son, James Jules Bernos; a sister, Dorothy Tell Tremmell; two grandchildren; six great-grandchildren; and a great-great-grandchild .... Burial will be in Greenwood Cemetery.
iv. Ruth Tell, b. 7 May 1909, m. Marcel Carouche
v. Raymond Norman Tell, b. 15 Jan 1913. d. May 1978, Gretna, Jefferson, Louisiana.
vi. William E. Tell, Jr. died Dec 1917, at age 2 and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery with his father and mother.
vii. Dorothy Tell b. 1 Dec 1915, m. J. T. Tremmel
viii. Evelyn Tell b. 7 Apr 1919 d. July 1995. Last residence was Metairie, Jefferson, Louisiana. She married Louis Murphy. He was born 24 Oct 1915, died 15 Dec 1991, buried 18 Dec 1991. Evelyn and Louis are buried in Greenwood Cemetery.
Buried in the same plot as William Edmund Tell is William E. Tell, Jr. that died Dec 1917, at age 2. {another son possibly?)

William Edmund Tell's obituary reads: On Thursday morning, Sept. 14, 1967, at 12:35 o'clock, William E. Tell, age 85 years, husband of the late Nellie Bourgeois; father of Mrs. Cora (Tell) Bernos, Mrs. Marcel Carouche (Ruth Tell), Mrs. J. T. Tremmer (Dorothy Tell), Mrs. Louis Murphy (Evelyn Tell) and Ray (Edward) and Ray (Norman) Tell; brother of Mrs. Cora Lund, Mrs. Pearl Steen, and the late Raymond and Charles Tell; also survived by 17 grandchildren and 21 great-grandchildren. Relatives, friends, also employees of New Orleans Public Service Inc. are invited to attend the funeral. Services from the P. J. McMahan and Sons Funeral Home, 4800 Canal Street, on Saturday morning, Sept. 16, 1967, at 9:30 o'clock. Followed by religious services at Canal Street Presbyterian Church, 4302 Canal Street Interment in Greenwood Cemetery.

5. (F) Cora Ariana Tell was born 6 May 1884 and died 25 Oct 1971 at age 87. She married her brother-in-law, Frank Lund at Canal Street Presbyterian Church, New Orleans by Rev. J. H. Nall on 15 Oct 1903. Frank was department manager of Louisiana Savings Bank and Trust company in New Orleans. He died at his home at 3017 South Carrollton Ave., New Orleans.Cora and Frank had the following child:i. Warren Ashley Lund, b. 13 Dec 1904, d. 30 May 1988. He never married.Warren was employed by New Orleans Public Service Inc.
Cora's obituary reads (with many misspellings): Mrs. Cora A. Tells Lund on Monday morning, October 23, 1971 at 7:15 o'clock, wife of the late Frank Lund; Mother of Warren Ashley Lund and Mrs. Florence Gusman (Florence was her stepdaughter and niece); daughter of the late Carrie Mieier and Wilson Tells Sr. Private funeral services took place from the P.J. McMahon and Sons Funeral Home, 4800 Canal St. on Tuesday afternoon October 26, 1971 at 3:00 o'clock followed by interment in Greenwood Cemetery, Dr. Bennett, officiating.

6. (F) Pearl Louise Tell was born 23 Nov 1889. She was buried 16 Nov 1981 at age 91, in Greenwood Cemetery. She was married to Clark E. Steen on 21 Sept 1911 by Rev C. S. Scholl.
Their children are;
i. Clark E. Steen Jr. b. 4 Dec 1912, d. Jun 1968, Texas
ii. Alfred (William?) Steen
iii. Milton Steen
iv. Althea Leah Steen b. 21 Aug 1914, d. Aug 1975, death residence: Sugar Land, Fort Bend, Texas, m. Miller

7. (M) Raymond Oliver Tell was born 13 March 1892 and died 21 July 1957 at age 65. He was married to Marie Caroline Gruner on 15 July 1915 by Rev F. Frohn. Marie was buried 23 April 1957 in Greenwood Cemetery.
Their children are:
i. Luitgardis Marie Tell, b. 1917, d. 27 Sept 1995, m. Lewis Alfred Wright. Her obituary states that she was retired head of the sales audit department for the former D. H. Holmes department store. She died of cancer at her home at age 78. She was born in New Orleans and lived in Metairie for many years. Her 2 daughters were Rae Marie Wright Shipley and Margarethe Ann Wright Turnipseed. She was buried in Metairie Cemetery.
ii. Rae Olive Tell, m. C. A. Langlois
Raymond Oliver's obituary reads: In West Barrington, R. I. on Sunday morning, July 21, 1957, at 1 o'clock, Raymond Oliver Tell, husband of the late Marie C. Gruner, father of Mrs. Lewis Wright (Luitgardis Marie Tell) of New Orleans, La. and Mrs. C. A. Langlois (Ray Olive Tell) of West Barrington, R. I., son of the late Carrie Van Court and William Tell, brother of William Tell, Mrs. Clark Steen and Mrs. Cora Lund, also survived by 5 grandchildren. Relatives and friends, also employees of New Orleans Public Service, Inc. are invited to attend the funeral from the P. J. McMahon & Sons funeral home, 4800 Canal St. near cemeteries at 11 o'clock Thursday morning, July 25, 1957. Remains will arrive at 5:30 o'clock Wednesday morning, July 24, 1957. Interment in Greenwood cemetery.


Charles Louis Tell was born 4 Feb 1878 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Last Residence: Arabi, St Bernard, Louisiana. He married Esperanza Isabella (Belle) Perez (daughter of Pedro Perez and Josephine Garlotte) on 26 Sept 1896. She was affectionately known as Muzzie. She was born 31 Dec 1878 in Biloxi, Mississippi and died 13 Oct 1976 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Charles drowned in Lake St. Catherine between 23 Dec 1947 and 4 Feb 1947, when his body was found. He was buried 9 Feb 1947.

Death Notice: Esperanca I. (Belle) Perez Tell[taken from the Times Picayune, Sept. 15, 1976, Page 16]On Monday Sept 13, 1976 at 9 o'clock PM, wife of the late Charles L. Tell, Sr., mother of William C. Tell, Mrs Florence Austin, Gerald E Tell, Sr. and the late Carrie McCann, Lionel and Charles L. Tell, Jr. Also survived by 22 grandchildren, 41 great grandchildren, and 10 great great grandchildren. Daughter of the late Pedro Perez and Josephine Garlot. Relatives and friends of the family are invited to attend the funeral services from McMahon Coburn Briede funeral home, 600 Moss St. at North Jefferson Davis Pkwy and Bayou St. John on Wednesday morning Sept 15, 1976 at 11 o'clock. Followed by religious services at St. Anna's Episcopal Church. Internment at Greenwood Cemetery.

Original birth record: Louisiana State Archives, Baton Rouge, La., Birth; v75; p112.
Be it Remembered, That on this day, to-wit: the Twelfth of January in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Eighty and the one Hundredth and fourth of the Independence of the United States of America, before me, S. Choppin, M. D., President Board of Health and ex-officio Recorder of Births, Marriages and Deaths, in and for the Parish and City of New Orleans, personally appeared: William Tell a native of Switzerland residing at the corner of Customhouse St David Streete who hereby declares that on the fourth day of February 1878 / 4th of February 1878 / at his aforesaid residence was born a Male child, named Charles Louis Tell (White), Lawful issue of Defronent a native of Switzerland aged 40 years, occupation Sexton and Carrie Vancourt a native of This City aged 22 years.
Thus Done at New Orleans, in the presence of the aforesaid William Tell as also in that of Messrs S. L. Hefrburn, P. H. Lanauge both of this City, witnesses by me requested so to be, who have here unto set their hands, together with me, after due reading hereof, the day, month, and year first above written....
Signed: William Tell, ... Hepburne, Sam Choppin, M. D. President Board of Health and ex-officie Recorder. A. H. Lanauge.

Oral History by Ronald Arthur Tell (Fifth Generation)on Dec 2001
Grandfather Charlie Tell died before I was born but I always remember Grandmother Muzzie, Belle Perez, living with us on Cafin Avenue and then on Dauphine Street. She actually helped raise me. Her birthday was on New Years Eve so we always had a big party with all of the family.Grandmother Muzzie was deaf. She wore a hearing aid, but I had to talk very loud to her anyway. Often I remember her hearing aid screeching and making a lot of noise. She was short and thin and had a broken little finger. She had a very sharp mind, read a lot, enjoyed crocheting, and she had a green thumb. Rumor was that if she put a broomstick in the ground it would grow. I remember when she would sit in a chair her feet never stopped moving. She use to call herself an ol' Rebel and was very prejudice, not liking black people at all. Grandmother Muzzie always called us children brats, especially my sister Gerry. She called my brother G. E., Mr. Dooley. Her favorite chair had very wide arms on it. She would play cards with me on the arms of that big chair. Battle was the only game she knew so that's what we always played. When we lived on Dauphine Street, she walked about six blocks everyday from home to her son's house. Uncle Charlie was blind, so she would go check on him everyday. She always worried about us grandchildren too. When I was home on leave from the Air Force and went out in the evenings, she would tell me to be home by 9:00 PM because it wasn't safe outside.

Charles Tell and Belle Perez had the following children:


1.(F) Carrie Vera "Babe" Tell was born 11 Sept 1898 and died 3 Oct 1953. Carrie was married to Julius McCann on 2 Feb 1916 by Rev Hunter. They had 2 children that died at birth and the following;
i. Vera (Mazine) McCann (adopted). She married William (Bill) Finger of Nashville, Tenn. They had no children.
ii. Jewel McCann. She died 17 Oct 1956. Jewel married Nolan Schultz ( b. 23 Nov 1918, d. Jan 1976). They had 2 children: Nolan (Butch) Schultz and Larry Schultz.
iii. Gerald (Skeeter) James McCann. He died 17 Jan 1957. Gerald married Anna Mae ___. They had 2 children: Gerald (Mickey) James McCann, b. 3 Jan 1947, d. 6 March 1999 and Kerry L. McCann.
iv. Mary Belle McCann. She died in 1990. Mary married Harold J. Adams (d. 31 Jan 2001). Their children are; Harold Adams, Jr., Eileen Adams Webb, Amy Adams Bastol, Jewel Adams Fortado, and Vera Adams Carr.
v. Patrick McCann (adopted). He died 6 Dec 1971. He married and divorced and had 1 son. Patrick served as a tail gunner in the US Navy during WWII. He died at a Veterans Hospital in Michigan.

2.(M) William Charles Tell was born 12 Sept 1900. He lived and worked in New York. He retired to Chalmette, Saint Bernard, Louisiana and died 31 Oct 1978. William married Katrina Doetsch of Germany in 1919 or 1920. They had one son who died Feb 1928.

3.(F) Florence Pearl Tell was born 24 April 1902 and died 5 Aug 1996. She was survived by 26 grandchildren, 26 great-grandchildren, 2 great-great-grandchildren. She was a native of Biloxi, Mississippi and a resident of St. Bernard Parish. Florence married Robert J. Austin (b.20 Aug 1899 d.12 April 1961). They had the following children;
i. Robert Austin born 24 Oct __. He married Ruth ___. They had 2 sons.
ii. Florence (Sally) Austin, born 13 May ___. She married Milton (Jack) Perez. Their children are Milton Perez, Gary Perez (b. 14 Jan 1955, d. 1 Jan 2000), Lionel Perez, Robert (Buddy) Perez, and Theresa Perez.
iii. Carrie (Lulu) Austin, born 17 Oct ___. She married George Otto, Jr. Their children are George (Sonny) Otto III and Judy Otto.
iv. Peter Austin, born 23 Nov ___. He married Dot ___
v. Sterling Austin, born 7 March ___.
vi. Thelma "Junie" Austin, b. 1 June 1928.
vii. Harold Austin, born 24 Oct 1930. He married Barbara ___. They have 2 daughters.
viii. Joyce Austin married James Carolan. They have 1 son, Jimmy.
ix. Mary Ann Austin, born 25 May 1935, died 16 Nov 1993. She married Clarence Cronic (d. 2000). The have 2 children Ricky Cronic and Connie Cronic Lavendier.
x. Elizabeth Austin, born 26 July ___. She married Clyde Heurtin. They have 2 sons.
xi. Iris Austin, born 10 July ___. She married Danny Kramer. Their children are Hope Kramer, Danny Kramer, Glen Kramer, and Kim Kramer.
xii. Catherine Austin, born Aug ___. She divorced Billy McCormick. They have 2 sons; Billy McCormick and Patrick McCormick.

4.(M) Gerald Edward Tell was born 15 April 1904 in Biloxi, Mississippi and died 19 May 1982 in Arabie, Louisiana. Gerald married Thelma Marguerite Trochesset on 4 Sept 1929.
Gerald Tell's obituary reads: Gerald E. Tell, Sr., on Wednesday, May 19, 1982 at 9:50 a. m., beloved husband of Thelma Trochesset Tell, father of Gerald E. Jr., Ronald A., and Ruth E. Tell, Mrs. Geraldine Rovira, son of the late Charles L. Tell Sr. and Belle Perez, brother of Mrs. Florence Austin and the late William C., Lionel and Charles L. Tell Jr., and Mrs. Carrie McCann, also survived by 4 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild, age 78 years. Relatives and friends of the family are invited to attend the funeral services from McMahon-Coburn-Briede Funeral Home, 600 Moss Street on Friday morning, May 21, 1982 at 9 o'clock followed by religious services at St. Anna's Episcopal Church, 1313 Esplanade Avenue, New Orleans. Interment St. Bernard Memorial Gardens, Friends may call on Thursday after 6 p.m.

5. (M) Lionel Vancourt Tell, b. 23 June 1906, d. 24 July 1906.

6.(F) Charles L. Tell, Jr. was born 31 Aug 1910 Last residence: Bywater, New Orleans, Orleans. He married Edith Johnson. They had 2 sons;
i. Wayne Allen Tell, he died at Veterans Hospital in New Orleans in 2001. He married and divorced and had one son.
ii. Gene Robert Tell was born 22 Aug 1941 and died 4 June 1974. In his first marriage he had 2 daughters; Tina Marie and Toni Marie. His second marriage was to Betty Evans. They had one son, Robert Gene Tell.
Times Picayune, 10 June 1969, pg. 16, reads in part: Charles L. Tell, on Sunday evening, June 8, 1969, at 10:00 beloved husband of Edith Johnson, father of Wayne Allen and Gene Robert Tell, son of Belle Perez and the late Charles L. Tell, brother of Gerald and William Tell and Mrs. Florence Austin, grandfather of Tina Marie and Toni Marie Tell. Relatives and Friends of the family, also officers and members of the Plumbers and Steamfitters Local No 60, employees of Kupperman and Co. and the lighthouse of the blind are invited to attend. ..... Interment in Greenwood Cemetery.

In a plot bought by William Tell on 22 Nov 1872, located in the Greenwood Cemetery, on Sorrel Street, between Jessamine Ave. and Live Oak Ave, lies Belle (Muzzie) Tell, her daughter Florence Pearl Tell Austin and her husband Robert J. Austin, Sr., and Belle's son Charles Louis Tell, Jr.

Oral History : Dec 2001
by Ronald Arthur Tell

My dad [Gerald E. Tell, Sr.], worked for D. H. Holmes Department Store in New Orleans. He walked about five blocks to the bus stop, rain or shine, to catch the bus to go to work in New Orleans every day. Dad participated in many activities that D. H. Holmes sponsored. He golfed, bowled, played baseball, and he was in the minstrels. In the minstrels, he was a baritone, "the end man" - this could be where I got my sense of humor. I remember several trophies that he won playing these sports.My dad usually sat on the floor. Especially during family gatherings at home, when there weren't enough seats for everyone. The men sat on the floor while the women sat in the chairs. Dad always sat on the floor in front of mom and she would always play in his hair, or play with his bald head when there was no more hair. Mom and Dad never disciplined me with a slap or spanking. Our only vacations were to Biloxi, Mississippi to visit my grandparents, Grandma Laura and Grandpa Charlie. I was in grammar school when my dad had his first heart attack. It was on one of our drives back from Biloxi. I remember dad being upset with me when I joined the military, but he was so proud of me when I got my Masters Degree. Probably because dad had to drop out of school to help support his family, so he never got much education.


Gerald Edward Tell was born 15 April 1904 in Biloxi, Mississippi. He married Thelma Marguerite Trochesset on 4 Sept 1929 in Biloxi, Mississippi. Thelma was born 27 June 1909 in Biloxi, Mississippi and died 7 Aug 1991 in Arabi, Louisiana. They lived at 817 Perrin Dr., Arabi, St. Bernard, Louisiana. Gerald Tell died 19 May 1982 of Congestive Heart Failure. (state file # 119) Gerald was a credit manager for D H Holmes Department Store in New Orleans. That location is now a Hotel.
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Gerald Tell and Thelma Trochesset had the following children:


1.(F) Ruth Evelyn Tell was born (Private) in New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana.

2.(F) Geraldine (Gerry) Emelda Tell was born 14 Dec 1931 in New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana and died 21 April 2000 in Metairie, Jefferson, Louisiana. She married Jacque (Jack) Rovira (n. 12 Dec 1928 d. July 1978) on 4 Aug 1951. They had the following children:
i. Jacqueline Elizabeth Rovira, m. #1 Frank Johnson. Their child is Damion. She married #2 Blaine Kevin Western. Their child is Blaine Kevin (BJ) Western, Jr.
ii. Randall David Rovira, m. Pam Cosse. Their children are: Alison Paige, Courtney Alyssa, and Chase
iii. Stephen Michael Rovira m. #1 Kathy Cheppatta. He married #2 Jeanne Ritter. Their children are: Savannah Ann and Olivia. Stepsons are Joshua and Jeremy.

3.(M) Gerald Edward Tell, Jr. was born (Private) in New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana. He married #1 Carole Walters on 7 Oct 1967. They had one son Tracey Arthur. Gerald married Linda Marie Pennison on 23 Aug 1975, now divorced.

4.(M) Ronald Arthur Tell was born (Private) in New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana.


Ronald Arthur Tell was born (Private) in New Orleans, Louisiana. He married: 1st wife, Dianne Lucille Staunton on 9 June 1973 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Dianne was born 31 Jan 1951, d 12 Nov 1997 in Metairie, LA. Ronald married 2nd wife, Kathy Jean LaCombe (Broussard) 26 February 2000 in Harahan, Louisiana. Kathy was born (Private) in Fort Dix, Burlington, New Jersey.

Ronald (Ron) was in the US Air Force. He received his undergraduate from Tulane University in New Orleans and his MBA at Washington State University and is employed by (IBM) International Business Machines. He started fixing vacuum tube based computers in 1973 and worked his way up to instructing classes on designing Internet applications.

Ronald Tell and Dianne Staunton had the following child;


1.(F) Rachel Evelyn Tell born (Private) in Metairie, Jefferson, Louisiana


1.(M) James Savan Broussard, Jr. (Jaime) was born (Private) in Lake Charles, Calcasieu, Louisiana.
2.(M) Eric Wayne Broussard was born (Private) in Lake Charles, Calcasieu, Louisiana. He married Chandra Stelly, 20 November 1999 in Grand Lake, Louisiana.

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Special thanks to Ruth Evelyn Tell, who has
helped me so much with this TELL family tree!

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